Dani Taylor Debuts Acoustic Video for “Man of Few Words”

By Aaron Wagner

Earlier this month, new country artist Dani Taylor released her sophomore single “Man of Few Words.” The heartfelt song has amassed an impressive 62,000 plus streams in its first few weeks and today she’s stripping things down with the acoustic version.

The acoustic rendition allows Dani’s vocals to shine as she sings with the emotion and raw feelings the song deserves. Take a listen to the acoustic version of “Man of Few Words” and then check out our chat with her about what went into writing this song.

Raised On It: “Man of Few Words” is such a tender, romantic ballad. Where did you get the inspiration for this song?

Dani: I was inspired to write “Man of Few Words” because a lot of men tend to show their feelings through actions. Quiet guys and even not so quiet guys show their feelings through actions. I really wanted to write a song that appreciates a love like that. A lot of times actions can speak so much louder than words. “I love you” is a sweet sentiment, but actions show what love is better than words can.  I never dated a man of few words; I hope to one day. I wrote this song as a prayer to find someone one day that shows me a love like that.

Raised On It: It seems like this would be the perfect first dance song for couples at their wedding. Was this in your mind while writing the song or did you recognize this afterward?

Dani: I was intending this song to be for couples to listen to and think “hey that’s my husband/boyfriend” and have a song for their significant other. It wasn’t until after it was produced that I played my song to a couple of wedding videos on YouTube and then realized this is a timeless wedding song. I have had a few people ask me to sing at their weddings already and the song was released two weeks ago. I am very happy this song has spoken so deeply to others that they would play it at their wedding. That is the reason I write music.

Raised On It: In a perfect world, what would 2021 look like for you musically?

Dani: The perfect world in 2021 for me musically would be to be able to play full band shows. I also am releasing one more single in January and my full EP in February, so I would love to build my streams even more and hopefully tour if it is safe again.