The Next Father-Daughter Dance Song: Halle Kearns’ “Shoes to Fill”

By Aaron Wagner

Let’s catch you up to speed.

2020 has been…a year, but one of the rising artists who I believe has made one of the most impressive debuts and introductions to country music this year is Halle Kearns.

She came out of the gate with the earworm “Pick Me Up” and followed that up with the equally as fun “I Drink Whiskey.” Those songs have led to 108k and 77k streams on Spotify respectively, but while those are each fantastic songs, Halle saved her best for her third release with “Shoes to Fill.”

She starts the song off with the simple but downright relatable phrase “In first grade I fell down in the driveway, scraped my knee and dad ran out with a band-aid” that captures your attention and pulls you in right away. She continues the piano ballad by describing how her dad is the standard that she’s setting for her future husband and pours her heart out about how much her dad means to her.

It’s such a beautiful song. There’s no other way to put it.

I shared this song with my friends and family and the consensus was that it could end up being the next father-daughter dance song you hear at weddings. I couldn’t agree more.

Even if “Shoes To Fill” doesn’t notch the same streaming numbers as her first two releases, I think this song proves that not only can she do the fun, up-beat songs, but she can bring the heart, emotion, and authenticity necessary for a beautiful ballad.