Trace Adkins New EP “Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy” Is Here

By Aaron Wagner

With his distinct and lovely baritone voice, Trace Adkins is once again back with new music with the release of his six-song EP Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy.

Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy marks the first project of Adkins on Verge Records. And while it’s not a full album, the six songs are full of passion, hurt, love, and humor — all things fans have come to expect from Adkins.

The EP starts off with the sexy vibes of “Better Off” as he sings about ditching their friends and staying home, just the two of them. It doesn’t hurt that the song is written by a trio of great Nashville songwriters with Liz Rose, Corey Crowder, and Hillary Lindsey.

“Mind on Fishin'” gives us the humorous side of Adkins that is just what country music needs at times. He’d prefer to be thinking about God while fishing, rather than thinking about fishing while sitting in church. It’s clever. My favorite song on the project is the title track “Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy” mainly because his baritone voice tells the story of a man who doesn’t fit the negative stereotypes, as he’s his own man.

When you listen to “Big” can you picture Brothers Osborne singing it? The obvious answer is yes, because they wrote the song and now I badly need concert footage of these three singing this crowd anthem together. 2021 has high expectations. While Adkins voice lends nicely to the rowdy country jams, it’s often best used for the slower, emotional ballads. One of those on this album is “Running into You” as the lead character keeps “seeing” a former love everywhere they go. You can truly feel the pain of this lead character.

He wraps up the EP with a back-where-I’m-from type of song in “Just the Way We Do It.” With references to pie, ribs, and moonshine, it sounds like a damn good party if I may say so.