Artist You Need to Know: Emily Kate

By Aaron Wagner

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Emily Kate made her entrance to country music with her debut release “Giant.”

The up and coming artist’s choice for her debut release showcases her ability to string powerful and inspiring lyrics together to create a nice sounding song in “Giant.”

She reminds me a bit of very early Taylor Swift and I’m very curious and excited for future releases from this new artist. I was able to chat with Emily about her background, love of music, and of course her debut single “Giant.”

Raised On It: Who are the artists that you were “raised on?” 

Emily: Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett, Coldplay, Kelsea Ballerini, Carrie Underwood, Eric Church and many more.

Raised On It: What made you want to become a country artist? 

Emily: I’ve been in love with the storytelling and connection that country music has, ever since I was a little girl. I remember listening to Taylor Swift’s first album, lying on the living room floor, learning all the words. Just closing my eyes and being taken through the story of each song. Now every time I hear one of those songs, it takes me back to that little girl on the living room floor. It’s that type of connection that I aim to have on my fans as an artist.

Raised On It: Was music always your Plan A?

Emily: I think in the back of my mind it always was. But it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I started to pursue music as a career. During high school it was just something that I loved to do and was super passionate about. I remember going to tons of concerts and always dreaming of what it felt like to stand on the stage. How magical it would feel to write songs and connect with an audience like that. But it always felt like just a dream that was too out of reach. Until, year by year I developed my voice, guitar skills, and confidence and realized that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I at least didn’t try. 

Raised On It: Can you talk about your debut release “Giant?” What drew you to the song? 

Emily: Giant is a song that is very special to me. Even though I didn’t write it, I remember the day when I first listened to the song, I felt a connection. At that point in my life I was lacking courage to pursue a career in music. I was questioning a lot of things in my life and I needed to be reminded to believe in myself. The inspiring lyrics and uplifting melody immediately pulled me in and I knew I had to record the song. 

Raised On It: Why did you want to release “Giant” as your debut song? 

Emily: I wanted my debut song to represent my journey as an emerging artist and the many obstacles I’ve had to overcome to get to this point. I find the music industry can be frightening, and a bit daunting at times to artists so it’s important that we lean on each other and keep our heads up. I also feel like many other people can relate to the feeling of self doubt and frustration when pursuing a dream. We all need a little more courage and a reminder every now and then to believe in ourselves and “Giant” does just that. It only felt right to release this song first since it was the song that helped me pursue music.

Raised On It: What’s the response been like so far? 

Emily: It has been so incredible! Seeing messages from fans about how “Giant” inspires them and makes them believe in themselves really warms my heart. I also still can’t believe that Sirius XM started to play “Giant” on their radio station just 2 weeks after it was released! Seeing how much this song means to people makes me so excited for what’s next to come. 

Raised On It: When people listen to your music, what do you hope they feel or experience? 

Emily: I want to be able to say something with my music. For people to connect with themselves and feel inspired when they listen…while also having fun. Throughout my life music has helped me through tough times, made me laugh, smile, and grow as a person and I hope my music can help people like that as well.

Raised On It: What do you enjoy most about being an artist and making music? 

Emily: Being able to perform for my fans and seeing how my music connects with them and their life. 


Dream collab: Kelsea Ballerini
Favorite album: Center Point Road by Thomas Rhett
Song you wish you wrote: In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young
Favorite concert: Friends Don’t Let Friends Tour Alone 2019 – Dean Brody and Dallas Smith