Throwback Jam: Josh Gracin’s “Nothin’ To Lose”

By Emily Wagner

It’s been 16 years since you first heard 5 words per minute sprint of a song, “Nothin’ To Lose” and it’s hard to imagine that we all don’t still know ever single word-or can at least make something up.

Josh Gracin released his second single off of his self-titled debut album at the end of August 2004, and it went on to be his only number one song and undoubtedly the song this American Idol Season 2 finalist is most recognized for.

The song was written by Marcel Chagnon (who fun fact is married to “Who I Am” singer, Jessica Andrews ) and Kevin Savigar (most known for working with the likes of anyone from Rod Stewart to Marilyn Manson) and was a part of Marcel’s debut album in 2003 called “You Me and the Windshield.” Luckily Gracin’s manager was able to snatch the song when searching for songs for Gracin’s debut album. 

This fun, fast-paced-word jumble of a song was something country music hadn’t heard since John Michael Montgomery did it with “Sold” in the 1990s. It’s a song, that if done right, is still understandable and coherent without losing energy. It’s a classic early 2000’s country song.

Plus there’s nothing like a good throwback to make you curious about what an artist is up to now. Josh Gracin is still making music, and there’s a fun EP from 2017, Nothin’ Like Us. Pt 1 that deserves a listen…right after “Nothin’ To Lose” of course.