Breaking Down Our Favorite Lyrics From Brothers Osborne’s New Album “Skeletons”

By Emily Wagner

Brothers Osborne deserve to have this pandemic over ASAP. With their 3rd studio album Skeletons, it’s hard to find a song that wouldn’t be lifted and amplified in a packed full arena.

With 12 songs, including one instrumental, the brothers are showing off. Welcome to the land of country and rock.

It takes until the 7th song on the album when you finally feel you can catch your breath, because did they ever come out of the gates swinging with this. It’s fun, engaging, edgy, soulful, insightful; it’s a party for 40 straight minutes.

Between TJ’s entrancing baritone of a voice and John’s on-another-planet guitar riffs, it’s amazing how the biggest take away from this album for me, were the lyrics. Original, quirky, smart, ‘how has no one thought of this before’ obvious, and country to the core, here’s a run down of each song and my favorite lyrics from each.

“Lighten Up”: You get what you need from this song; maybe you need to chill, stop scrolling through your phone, maybe you need a smoke, or a view from a back porch. 

Favorite Lyric:  “When the world goes dark we’ll be lighten up”

“All Night”: I have yet to hear a better blend of country and rock, and I’m skeptical to think I ever will. Imagine this song live…just punch my ticket.

Favorite Lyric: “What good is a saint, if you ain’t got the sinnin’” 

“Skeletons”: If the brothers don’t open their shows with this song, they should fire their tour manager. I love the twisty feel this song about adultery and secrets contains.

Favorite Lyric: “You’ve got skeletons in your closet and I’ve got bones to pick with them.” (This had to be the launching point for the rest of this song, because this line is just ridiculously good).

“Back on the Bottle”: The different tempos and cadences in this song are what helps make it stand out amongst not only other songs on the album, but other country songs. Because let’s face it, country music has done the whole my girlfriend/wife left me and now I’m free to drink with the boys again. Brothers Osborne makes this more of a dive bar sing along, one where you welcome your long lost buddy back with open arms.

Favorite Lyric: “Hello hangover it was strange being sober.”

“High Note”: Song #7, time to take a breath after the ride the first half of the album took you on. Brothers Osbourne can do a slow, sultry song just as good, in my opinion better, than some of their more rock centric songs. I mean TJ’s voice is just meant for a sad, ‘we aren’t good for each other’ type of song.

Favorite Lyric: “Let’s try one more time don’t ever work/By sunrise this cloud nine will crash back down to earth.”

“All The Good Ones Are”: This is a doozy, nearly impossible to pick a favorite lyric because this song is so wonderfully descriptive and chaotic and all very relatable.

Favorite Lyric:  “Every bad decision ain’t a suicide mission, demolition right from the start…but all the good ones are.”  

“Muskrat Greene”: The instrumental song, At first I thought this was a really long introduction, then it ended, and I was left trying to figure out the meaning of the song title. 

Favorite Lyric: John Osbourne’s guitar playing.

“Dead Man’s Curve”: I hope you enjoyed that intermission, because the brothers come back flying at 100 miles a minute with this tongue and cheek song. Turns out a woman is dead man’s curve and those poor old country boys don’t realize it until it’s too late.

Favorite Lyric: “Country boys ain’t never gonna learn, nobody makes it through that turn.”

“Make It a Good One”: There are a few songs on the album that aren’t rock and roll focused, and they seem to shine a little brighter, even a song as simple as reminding you to live each day and moment the best you can. 

Favorite Lyric: “You ain’t ever gonna find a U-Haul gettin’ pulled behind a hearse.” (I mean I would bet my entire life savings that those lyrics have never been strung together in a song before).

“I’m Not For Everyone”: This song has been my jam since it was released a week prior to the album. It’s the old adage of, not everyone may like me, but I’m alright with that. 

Favorite Lyric: “Some people they drink too much, some people don’t drink enough” (I mean don’t we all know someone who fits each of these bills?)

“Hatin’ Somebody”: This song doesn’t come off preachy or judgmental, it’s just a sweet little diddy to kinda shine a light on that old grade school, golden rule.

Favorite Lyric: “You need a paddle on the left, a paddle on the right, ‘cause we’re all in the same damn boat.”

“Old Man’s Boots”: Once you get past the first line and your realize this song is not describing an actual pair of boots, but the man who inhabits them, it may just hit you in the feels. 

Favorite Lyric: “They weren’t flashy, they weren’t classy, but they made him workin’ class happy.”

I’ll be the first to admit I was never a die hard, Brothers Osborne groupie, but this album is undeniably spectacular. The originality, the authenticity, all of it is wrapped up into 12 songs, with the brothers simply saying, ‘this is us, this is our music, come join us.”

Count. Me. In.