A Q&A Six Pack With AJ Sanders About His Recent ‘Small-Town Love’ Single “Right Here”

By Aaron Wagner

Giving off vibes of an early Thomas Rhett, rising country artist AJ Sanders sings about living in the moment in his recent single “Right Here.”

Written by hit songwriters Ben Hayslip, Brett James, and Justin Weaver, “Right Here” tells the story of that small town love, a love without all the thrills and just keeping it simple. It’s the type of song that a lot of people from small towns and out in the country can relate to. Fancy dinners and extravagant vacations are nice, but at the end of the day it’s the simple things in life that we enjoy the most.

We caught up with AJ to talk about his latest single “Right Here” and why he’s so excited that it’s his latest release as part of our Q&A Six Pack series.

  1. What initially drew you to the song the first time you heard it?

    I was initially drawn to “Right Here” because it reminded me of the guys I use to work with back home. We would travel and do shutdowns at power plants and mills. Working 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week and being away from your family came straight to mind because all you want to do is get home and spend time with the ones you love. Shout out to the road warriors staying on the road providing for their families. I know it’s tough.

  2. What’s your favorite lyrical phrase?

    “I could be about anywhere but baby I rather be right here.” Out of anywhere in the world at this moment in time this is where I am meant to be.

  3. What do you like most about the song’s meaning?

    What I like most is that it reminds me of my small town in South Carolina. Going down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere with nothing but the stars with the one you love. That’s all we had growing up and you take for granted how special those times are and how beautiful those nights can be.

  4. If you had to sum up the song in 3 words, what would they be?

    Small, town, love.

  5. When people hear the song, what do you hope their takeaway is?

    I hope they take away to keep a hold on these special moments with the ones they love. We are never promised tomorrow and every minute we have is another beautiful moment along the way!

  6. What’s your ideal day that speaks to the message of “Right Here?”

    Now being on the road touring the only thing I want to get back to is my daughter! Everything I do is for her and I hope she looks at me one day knowing that she is the one that pushed me to be the best artist, songwriter and Dad I could be.