A Q&A Six Pack With Mariya Stokes On Powerful New Release “Rebound”

By Aaron Wagner

There are some songs that are more than just songs…they’re art. And that’s the case with rising artist Mariya Stokes’ newest release “Rebound.”

“Rebound” is a ballad with some soft piano in the background that really allows for Mariya’s vocals to shine and even more so, allows the absolute raw emotion to shine through. Artists and songwriters regularly pour their heart into their music, but it’s not too often that they become as vulnerable as Mariya gets on this new one from her. She deserves a ton of credit and praise for doing so.

We caught up with Mariya and talked with her about “Rebound” in our Q&A Six Pack series.

  1. What’s the big idea behind “Rebound?”

    “Rebound” is a ballad that explores the complexity of falling for someone who is emotionally unavailable. It delves into both sides without judgement or anger, and to me that is the core of the song.

  2. Why did you want to release this song next?

    My previous releases have been upbeat and fun – this song is less guarded and shows a different side of who I am as a person and artist. It’s acoustic and stripped down and there is room for the lyrics to breathe in the song.

    This is also the most personal tune I’ve put out and I think a lot of people will relate to it. Most of us have rebounded from a relationship or have been the rebound – I’ve definitely been the latter a few times! It does feel strange to be so vulnerable though – you can hear the tears in my voice in the recording – but honesty is important to me and this is about as real as it gets. Usually when I play it live, the room gets quiet and folks really listen to to words. It’s always a very special moment when I get to play it with just an audience, my guitar, and my voice.

    Songwriting is also huge part of why I love music, and I am proud of the story told in in “Rebound”. I want people to know that if they’ve been on either side of a relationship like this, they’re not alone and that’s why it was important to put it out. 

  3. Which lyrical phrase is your favorite?

    “She’s the one that you get when the one that got away is already gone.”

    I showed up to a co-write with Aaron Pollock with this phrase and it spoke to both of us in a big way. After I pitched that line, the rest of the song poured out in about 90 minutes, which is crazy fast for a session. Most of my co-writes are at least three hours long but this song came to life quickly because it was a story both of us really felt needed to be told.

  4. What or who do you think of when you sing or hear the song?

    Ha! Well I can’t give that away – don’t want to embarrass anyone. Let’s just say there was a human I fell for who was hung up on an ex and they inspired the song.

  5. If you could sum up the song in 3 words, what would they be?

    Honest. Compassionate. Ouch.

  6. What do you hope people feel or say when they hear this song?

    When you hear this song, I hope you know that if you’ve been in this situation like this that it’s okay. We’ve all been there once or five times and that is part of the journey of growing and learning in relationships – I know I have.