Royale Lynn Debuts Cleverly Written New Song “Texas Hold ‘Em”

By Aaron Wagner

Country riser Royale Lynn is out with a new song that can be best described as one of the more clever examples of songwriting.

Her new song, “Texas Hold ‘Em” is one of those songs that people describe as “just a good old country song.” While Royale deserves immense praise for how well her voice brought this song to life, it once again gets back to the lyrics as the reason why this song is so special.

“This was one of my favorite songs to write. I got the idea for this song while I was driving and I almost had to pull over! I remember thinking “What if Texas had to hold him… because I couldn’t anymore… Texas Hold HIM…” It was one of those moments that I knew I had something special,” says Royale. “This song comes from such a personal place for me. It’s based on a true story that actually happened in my life a few years back. My amazing co-writers, Lydia Dall & Hunter Wolkonowski, really helped me develop the idea and bring it to life.”

The biggest challenge for creating this song was finding the time to actually record the song. As weird as the year has been, we often forget that it not only interrupted artist’s touring plans, but recording plans.

“One of the biggest challenges was not due to recording or writing but with trying to get into the studio due to COVID-19. We were set to record in March which got pushed back to May and that was the biggest setback for me. It was just a little crazy trying to get this song out into the world during such a crazy time but we made it happen!” 

Fortunately for Royale, she was able to “complete” the song from a lyrical standpoint shortly before getting into the studio with what she now considers her favorite lyric of the song. “My favorite lyric is “Now he don’t know he’s all alone, in a Lone Star State.” We had actually got together with all the co-writers and went over the song again before I got into the studio and we ended up putting in that line…it completed the song in my opinion.”

The heart-felt and deeply emotional lyrics come from such a personal place so it’s no surprise that this song is one that she holds near and dear to her, even while it comes on the heels of her prior successful releases “Howdy” and “Alcatraz.”  

“This time around, I feel like I have a song that I am so unbelievably proud of. I put my heart and soul into this project during a world pandemic. I hope to see it have success because I believe in it so much. I hope listeners takeaway a message that benefits their own situation, whether it’s walking away from something toxic, starting a new chapter in their lives, or just letting go of a past heartbreak, I want them to know they aren’t alone.”

When I asked her how she’d describe such a meaninful, well-thought out song in 3 words she was quick to list: Raw, Vulnerable, Personal. “I choose these words because this song means so much to me and shows a side that most listeners haven’t gotten to see yet. This song really shows who I am and where I’ve been.”

And that’s what makes country music so great. Real people, telling their real stories, that we can all relate to. Royale has an absolute gem on her hands with “Texas Hold ‘Em” and I’m so excited to see where the song takes her in her bright future.

Listen to the “Texas Hold ‘Em”: