Out Today: Listen to Lauren Davidson’s New Song “Going Nowhere”

By Aaron Wagner

The talented rising country artist Lauren Davidson is back with new music.

Lauren is releasing her latest single “Going Nowhere” today. Featuring her impressive vocal range filled with heartfelt emotion, Lauren sings about the realization that it’s the end of a certain chapter. I like to think of it as the perfect pre-heartbreak and pre-breakup song that so many can relate to. We caught up with Lauren to talk about her new single and what went into the making of it.

Raised On It: What’s the big idea of “Going Nowhere?”

Lauren: Going Nowhere is essentially a breakup- the end of a relationship. “Out of nowhere we were going nowhere.”

Raised On It: Did you write the song? If so, what was the songwriting process like? – I did!

Lauren: I co-wrote this song with Tommy Cole.  It was the first song we wrote together over 2 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday.  He came up the stairs to my apartment with this idea and we just started chatting about our lives and past relationships and how we’ve both been on both sides of this experience and wrote this song. 

Raised On It: What was the recording process like? Were there any surprises or challenges that came up? –

Lauren: My original plan to record and release this song was for last year 2019 so this process was a little different for me then most. My buddy Tom Whall recorded drums in Nashville back when we tracked drums for “Soaking Up Every Second” and then it sat on the shelf for a while.  

When Covid hit I had one more song on my Love Ain’t Fair EP that I had to choose and track and I remembered this song and it fit perfectly with the theme and the songs currently on this project. Once things were safe enough to resume, my producer Bart Migal and I got together to finish the track. It definitely was a longer process than most songs and was done different then I had ever recorded music because of the times were in but I’m no less proud of this song!

Raised On It: What are 3 words you would pick to best describe your new song? 

Lauren: Heartfelt, Real, Honest

Raised On It: Why did you choose to release “Going Nowhere” as your next single?

Lauren: I’ve always loved this song and it is the only song on this EP that I’ve played live.  Getting to hear and see people’s response to it I knew it was a song I had to release at some point.

Raised On It: Lastly, what do you hope people feel or experience when they listen to “Going Nowhere?”

Lauren: It’s something we’ve all been through in one way or another and on the hopeful side it’s a reminder that things unexpectedly happen and we’re strong enough to get through it even if we may not realize it at the time.