Throwback Jam: Faith Hill’s “It Matters To Me”

By Aaron Wagner

On the heels of a successful debut album, which saw Faith Hill notch two #1 songs and one that just missed at #2, she kept the momentum going with her sophomore album It Matters To Me.

While the album gave her 5 Top-10 hits, it was the title track “It Matters To Me” that gave her the lone #1 hit on the album.

Released in 1995, the song was written by Ed Hill (“Be My Baby Tonight”, “How Far”, “Find Out Who Your Friends Are”) and Mark D. Sanders (“I Hope You Dance”, “Blue Clear Sky”, “Heads Carolina, Tails California”).

While Faith can sing anything, “It Matters To Me” is the type of ballad that really allows her to shine. She puts her entire heart into it and it’s such a beautiful sound.

Favorite Covers: