Favorite Songs From Filmore’s Debut Album “State I’m In”

By Aaron Wagner

Filmore has been on our radar for quite some time. And hopefully his debut album State I’m In gets him on your radar if he’s not already.

Filmore brings such a fresh and new sound to country music and that’s found in each and every song on this project. While some of the songs on this album had previously been released, the fact that he released 18 songs is great from a new artist’s standpoint. He’s giving listeners a lot to listen and choose from. Some of his most notable songs that have been out for awhile have pop-R&B elements in them, but a good chunk of the songs on this album are strong modern country songs.

Let’s start with some of my favorites that are oldies but goodies.

“Love That About You” is a snappy song that has this ridiculously cool sound once the chorus hit. “Country Song” and “Slower” are just as much fun as they infuse other music genres into a song that at its root is country. “Hearts Having a Hard Time” is one of my favorites as it’s a song that features Hannah Ellis, the co-writer, singing harmonies on the chorus. These four songs and “W.I.L.D.” have been staples at his live shows in recent years.

But let’s get to the new songs and some of my early favorites.

“Blue Skies” is one that definitely stands out as it’s fundamentally one of his more country sounding songs, with minimal outside influence as he sings about wanting to be down in the dumps when everything else is looking so beautiful in summer. Then there’s “Pictures On The Fridge” which is a great piece of songwriting, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as Filmore wrote it with Bob DiPiero (“Cowboys Like Us”, “Blue Clear Sky”, “The Church on Cumberland Road”) and Jordan Schmidt (“What Ifs”, “God’s Country”, “If The Boot Fits”).

“Day Hour Minute” is another example of Filmore flexing his country vocals and he continues to flex them with the fun, summer-jam drinking “Livin Easy.”

The songs on this album are the perfect soundtrack to a summer bonfire, highway driving, or small town party. But as fun as they are they are packed with purposeful and meaningful lyrics that evoke some real emotions and memories. Most notably, his final song on the project “Anyone But Me” is one that is sung from the heart and anyone can relate to the message of grinding it out to chase your dreams.

I’m such a fan of Filmore and this album. Once live shows are an option again, I’m going to be front row because I can’t wait to hear these new songs live.