A Q&A Six Pack With Hailey Verhaalen On Her Latest Single “Sunday Morning Love You”

By Aaron Wagner

Earlier this month, Hailey Verhaalen released her latest single “Sunday Morning Love You.”

The song is a feel-good song about being content and in love with your person. It’s the complete opposite of the rowdy Saturday night romance of drinks and late night texts. “Sunday Morning Love You” tells the complete opposite love story, as she sings about how “good” it feels to be in love waking up on those Sunday mornings next to your person.

  1. What was the songwriting process like on “Sunday Morning Love You?”
    Quick and fun! We sat down and wrote this song in about two hours and everything just flowed really well. We were all very happy with the results! 

  2. What is your favorite lyrical phrase in the song?
    “Dialin’ up the taxi, kissin’ in the back seat”. I love the phrasing of that line. I also love the catchiness of the chorus in general!

  3. What has the reception been like so far?
    I’ve had a TON of people ask over the last two years when I’d be recording & releasing it. I’ve been getting great responses about the single and have heard how happy everyone is that it is finally out! 

  4. What 3 words would you use to describe the song?
    Nostalgic, warm, feel-good.

  5. What is a typical Sunday morning for you?
    Sleeping in and snuggling up next to my dog and my love! I usually have my PJ’s on until at least noon.

  6. When people hear this song, what do you hope they takeaway from it?
    Personally, I want people to see the softer side of me! My aim for my 2020 releases was to be able to show my audience a different side of me rather than the usual “heartbreak” or “party” girl that they’ve seen in the past. As a songwriter, I want people to close their eyes and picture themselves and their “Sunday love” as the characters in the song to be able to relate to it on a deep, emotional level!