Dariann Leigh Falls Back on Her Roots In Her New Song “Closer”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising artist Dariann Leigh is out with her latest single this week “Closer.”

Singing about the struggle of moving on, Dariann sings with real emotion about the steady optimism that she’ll eventually get there. Starting off with lyrics “They say time is gonna heal me, but I think time is gonna kill me” it’s a great example of a song lyrics juxtaposed next to each other to describe feelings. Time is what’s going to be her saving grace, but it’s going to hurt her in the short term.

It’s brilliant and Darianna gives a convincing performance, which is easier said than done. When she sings, you believe that each and every lyric is affecting her and that it’s coming from her heart.

We caught up with Dariann to talk about the new single from her and what it means for it to be out in the world.

Raised On It: What drew you to “Closer” the first time you heard it?

Dariann: The first time I heard “Closer” it was like the universe was laying this piece of art out right before my eyes, and answering the questions I didn’t even realize I had. It was like finding the closure for a chapter that I didn’t know I truly needed, but did. It was the easiest yes I’ve ever made. 

“Closer” was written by Jennifer Adan, Justin Adams, and Megan Moreaux. It’s the second song I’ve recorded and released that I personally didn’t write. 

Raised On It: What’s your favorite lyrical phrase in the song? 

Dariann: My favorite lyric is “I can’t see tomorrow if I keep looking over my shoulder”. Because It’s so easy to look back at anything in life and crave to return to it without noticing that doing that is the very thing that keeps you from tomorrow. That lyric hits me on a very deep, and personal level. 

Raised On It: Why did you decide to release this song next, following the successful “Wherever I Go?”

Dariann: “Wherever I Go” is my jam out in the car with the windows down anthem! It’s the song I know everyone can relate to. So going from that to releasing a ballad like “Closer” now feels right to my core. I feel we’re all in these different seasons of life these days that we’re trying to navigate, and that’s what this song is all about. 

Raised On It: What did you enjoy most about making this new song? 

Dariann: I loved being able to fall back into my roots a bit with this song. Back to the country sound that I grew up on and love. Being able to be vulnerable recording it, and knowing how much it tugs at my heartstrings… I knew it would be similar for others. That’s what made the studio session magical. 

Raised On It: Lastly, when people hear “Closer” for the first time, what do you hope they takeaway from their listening experience? 

Dariann: From the moment I heard the first few notes it felt like the song I’ve always needed or wanted to turn up but haven’t had. I hope this song is that for someone else. That they can feel the steel guitar that hits in just the right way, with the lyrics chiming into emotions that leads you to any form of realization in taking that next step closer to wherever it is you may be headed.