Keith Urban Shows No Signs of Slowing Down on New Album “The Speed of Now”

I’m not a fan of starting off an article by mentioning age, but do you realize Keith Urban is 52?

Urban has been a main stay in country music since the early 2000s and like his counterparts Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney, he has found the secret to being as relevant, if not more, than he ever has been.

With the release of his new album The Speed of Now, Urban is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down in any form.

He has this innate ability to ride right along side of the country genre’s progression in a sneaky way that he’s not out pushing the envelope too much, nor is he falling behind where the genre is going.

“We Were” and “God Whispered Your Name” are the two early hits of The Speed of Now. “We Were” peaked at #4 on the charts and was written by Eric Church who appeared on a re-release of the song as it was turned into a collaboration. “God Whispered Your Name” recently cracked the Top 10 at radio and is in position to keep climbing.

So what’s the next single? We already know that but before we get to that song in particular, there are many other gems on this project that are worthy of hitting the airwaves.

“Superman” is such a perfect Keith Urban song that has him going to his higher register with a few of his patented “woo hoo oohs” that fans have come to love. I have personally had “Polaroid” on repeat since he released it earlier this summer. Singing about a youthful love that stood the test of time, Urban delivers one of my favorite performances on the album.

“Change Your Mind” will hit you in your gut as he begs for one more chance, while he finds his words earlier before things get bad in a surprisingly groovy and R&B infused “Say Something.”

He seems to get a little bit out of his element on “Out The Cage” where he sings with the supremely talented BREELAND and Nile Rodgers. It’s such a heavily produced song that speeds along, not giving the listener a great opportunity to truly hear the song. “Tumbleweed” sounds more country than some of his other stuff we’ve heard. While I’m not a fan of it, I get its appeal to be included on the album.

As for that next single? It’s a duet with the one and only P!nk. “One Too Many” is heading to radio stations at the end of September so you’ll be hearing it soon and thank goodness, because not only is it two supremely talented vocalists, but the song fits them so well.

“Aint It Like a Woman” has a ton of soul that brings out Urban’s best, “Soul Food” ironically doesn’t have a ton of soul, but it’s a fun mid-tempo that packs some energy. Those two songs as well as “With You” are all solid bets to become future singles, depending on how many he wants to send to radio.

And that’s the thing with this album. There are so many great choices for future singles, making this such a strong project from Urban. You could almost close your eyes, randomly point at a song and you could convince me it’s going to be a Top 10 hit for Urban. That’s what kind of groove he’s in at the moment and this album solidifies his spot in the country landscape, with no signs of slowing down.