Drew Green Drops Debut Project With “Dirty Boy Vol. 1” EP

By Emily Wagner

It’s been a long road for Drew Green, but after years and countless songs written, Green has released his first solo project and EP entirely Dirty Boy Vol. 1.

By that title itself and the fact that Green got one of his first breaks by getting his song cut by Florida Georgia Line, that should give you an insight into the type of music you should expect.

Green released two of the songs earlier this summer, “Right Where I Be” and “Little More Be Alright.” Both of which may be the most lyric centric the album gets. The songs found on this album tend to be geared toward a live show, a fun rowdy crowd who can relate to songs such as “Woods.”

There’s no doubt that Green is influenced by lots of different music and genres, which can be said for the majority of country artists today. But sometimes a song can be made 100 times better by simply eliminating the snap track. “Fine by Me” has the bones to be a really great song, but those snaps are distracting and take away from the lyrics and the voice. Because Green has an incredible voice and if anything I wish this album highlighted this more.

The highlight of the album is the very first song, “She Got That.” While it slings generic country terms, once that chorus hits, the song is the most stripped back with a simple production behind it. This is the Drew Green I could listen to all day long, and that could really make it on the radio.

It will be interesting to see where Green’s career takes him. With musical stylings similar to that of Florida Georgia Line,  Chris Lane and Cole Swindell, it’s not hard to believe that this EP will carry Green to his next project and bring along thousands of fans. The way country music keeps evolving and looking to put the bro-country era as far behind as possible, it’s not hard to see the songs from this EP getting lost in the shuffle. 

Regardless, Green seems to have a good grasp on who he is as a songwriter and artist and the type of music he wants to create. We will be here waiting to see down which country road this album and these songs take him.