New Country Artist Laine Lonero Releases Debut Single “No Sweat”

By Aaron Wagner

If you’re looking for the perfect song that accurately describes the frustrating experience of dating and relationships in a social media driven world, then new country artist Laine Lonero has the song for you.

The country newcomer released her debut single “No Sweat” this past weekend. Full of down-to-earth honesty layered with great sounding country-pop sounds, “No Sweat” is the anthem for anyone who has been wronged. Laine strikes a nice balance between wearing her feelings on her sleeve, while not letting a jerk affect her too much.

For a debut single, I love the choice by Laine to release a song like this. Take a listen to the single and check out our chat with her below as we get all the details behind the single.

Raised On It: What was the inspiration behind ” No Sweat?” 

Laine: It wasn’t written about any guy in particular. It’s really about guys in general these days. The whole mentality of not really committing to anyone or being in a true relationship. It just seems to be disposable to them. With social media guys have access to as many girls as they want.  I am not saying every guy is like this, but it can get sketchy at times.  I am a very loyal person and I expect the same treatment from my friends, boyfriends etc. I sometimes think I should have been born in an earlier time period. 

Raised On It: What was the songwriting process like?

Laine: I usually start by jotting lines down in my phone. I generally have an idea or a situation in mind before starting. I often come up it’s my ideas and melodies in the shower.  

This one was written and recorded with David Spencer and Matt McVaney in Nashville.  I love working getting to work with David and have worked with him on other projects as well. 

Raised On It: If you could sum up the song in 3 words, what would they be? 

Laine: Catchy, playful, and a little sarcastic like me. 

Raised On It: What’s your favorite lyrical phrase in “No Sweat?”

That’s an easy one, “Let me ease your mind. The more you talk  I’m fine.”  I love to laugh and I love being funny and I can be a bit sarcastic. I think this really captures me. 

Raised On It: Can you describe what it feels like to have your debut single officially out in the world? 

Laine: I guess I would say very excited, as well as relieved to finally get it out there. Multiple things kept getting in the way of the release and right when we were really ready my Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, as well as Covid happening. We would never have chosen to film the music video in a 100 degree heat. We made it work though, and had a blast. My mom is so strong and as soon as she finished her radiation we jumped right back in to getting it released. 

Raised On It: What do you hope people take away from the song when they listen to it? 

Laine: Well actually I can’t really say what I would like people to take from it because it might be inappropriate! I would like girls to know that it’s important to know their worth and to stand up for themselves.