Riley Green Is Unapologetically Country In New EP “If It Wasn’t For Trucks”

By Aaron Wagner

Riley Green is country through and through. A true southerner. Unapologetic. That’s what he continues to show on his new EP If It Wasn’t For Trucks.

There are two different fractions in country music. Gone are the bro country days but there’s still the modern country-pop sound that pushes the genre forward. Then there’s guys like Combs and Wallen who have a timeless sound, influenced by 90s country, but are putting their own twist on it today. 

Riley Green’s in the later group and takes it even further. He’s country. Not over the top rocking out on this album, rather backyard porch swinging, truck bed sitting, and bonfire nights. 

He begins the EP with “Jesus and Wranglers”, a toe tapping tune about yearning for the good ole days and not really wanting to leave that era. Similarly, “Behind the Times” is such a clever play on words with the song title. Often times we look at older people as those who can’t operate a smartphone or use the self checkout at stores, but as Riley says…we can learn a lot from that generation. 

“If I Didn’t Wear Boots” is another song title that jumps out. While not a song about boots, he weaves in how it relates to living that down home country lifestyle. Then there’s his collab with Alabama’s Randy Owen on “Better Than Me.” It’s a pretty simple and stripped down song that lets his voice shine. It’s a perfect song for this year as it’s a song about perspective on life, who we all want to be, and what really matters in life.

His next single to radio is the title track “If It Wasn’t For Trucks.” While I think this can become a mini anthem for the backwoods and rural country fan, I would’ve sent “Behind the Times” to radio instead.