A Q&A Six Pack With Halle Kearns On Her New Single “I Drink Whiskey”

By Aaron Wagner

To say that Halle Kearns is bursting on to the scene would be a severe understatement.

The quickly rising artist released her second ever single this past weekend with “I Drink Whiskey.” This comes on the heels of her debut single “Pick Me Up” which is closing in on 100,000 Spotify streams.

Halle has this warm and inviting sound to her voice that makes her music such an easy listen. This new song is simply fun and shows off even more of her personality as an artist. Before you know it, you’ll have the song on repeat. If you don’t, that’s a you problem.

She’s quickly building something really special with the music she’s putting out. For a new artist, you couldn’t have drawn it up any better than the release of these first two singles. This girl is going places.

I chatted with Halle about her newest release “I Drink Whiskey” as part of our Q&A Six Pack series where we learn more from an artist about their new single they’ve released.

  1. What was the big idea when you wrote this song with Buddy Wright and Palmer Anthony?

    I think we’ve all dealt with the occasional frustration a significant other can bring! But this song was just meant to be playful and poke fun at that!

  2. Which lyrical phrase is the one you most resonate with?

    “Boy you know I love you, but you drive me crazy.”

  3. I have to ask….are you a whiskey drinker?

    Haha I am! But when you listen to the song you’ll see there’s a place for all types of alcohol.

  4. What’s your favorite whiskey?

    I typically stick to Jack or Crown. I love a whiskey cranberry.. don’t knock it til you try it!!

  5. What was your favorite part of the recording process?

    This was by far the quickest session we had in terms of the 5 EP songs. The mood was just right that day, and both my producer and I had so much fun tracking these vocals!

  6. When people hear this song, what do you want them to takeaway from it?

    I just want people to feel a little lighter after listening! I want them to feel like, “Ohh this girl gets it!”