Throwback Jam: Wynonna’s “I Saw The Light”

By Emily Wagner

Not a newcomer to success or number one hits, Wynonna Judd’s solo career took off thanks in large part to songs such as “I Saw the Light.”

It was the second single off her self-titled debut album in 1992. It followed  “She Is His Only Need” which also hit the top of the charts. 

But “I Saw the Light” went even further. It was named the top country single of the year by Billboard. The song was written by Lisa Angelle who went on to write other songs for Judd and other country acts, and Andrew Gold, the man who gave us “Thank You For Being a Friend”; aka one of the best sitcom theme songs of all time, thanks to The Golden Girls.

The song cleverly tackles both the literal and figurative sense of the title. The main narrator sees a light on in her ex’s home, which enables her to also see him with someone new. This provides clarity and a sense of closure. She ‘sees the light’ now and realizes she’s better off without him. 

There’s no doubt this song and Wynonna’s debut album catapulted her into the country world as a solo artist and where in the 90’s she would find some of her biggest success. Just don’t ask me about the music video. I throw it up to 90’s quirkiness.