Lauren Alaina Keeps the Music Coming On Her 2nd EP Release of 2020 With “Getting Over Him”

By Aaron Wagner

She’s the best voice in country music in my mind and Lauren Alaina is going full speed ahead with the release of even more music this year.

Back in March of this year, she released Getting Good which was the first collection of six songs she released. This past week, she released another 6-track project with her EP Getting Over Him.

Is this the new way she and other artists will release music going forward? Hard to say, but I think it’s more likely than not.

That being said, this project has so many great songs. As I mentioned in the first EP review, she deserves to be a household name. She’s too good not to.

Lauren starts the project with “Run”, a cleverly written song that is built around that one word. I would love if this got to radio as it has the perfect tempo to take off in my mind. “If I Was a Beer” brings out her humor and sass as she tells the guy who did her wrong that he’s lucky she’s classy like a fine wine.

She sings about a Nashville local favorite Red Door in “Bar Back” as she wants her favorite hangout spot back that won’t be ruined by running into a former flame. The title track “Getting Over Him” is a fantastic collaboration with Jon Pardi. It’s not the first collab between the two (“Don’t Blame It On Whisky”) and their chemistry in singing to the specific roles in this song is so apparent and well executed.

I love the message and story that she sings about in “See You In Your Hometown.” Even in trying times in a relationship, we are often reminded of what we really see in someone, no matter the outside noise that tries to influence us.

Lauren then ends the project by yet another collaboration, this time with one of the best voices in all of music – Lukas Graham. The two’s ability to effortlessly sing harmonies on “What Do You Think Of?” is such a joy to listen to. Their vocal ranges is almost laughable it’s so good.

If this is the high standard of songs we’re going to get from Lauren every 6 months or so, sign me the hell up. Heck, let’s do it every 3 months. In all seriousness, I’m really hopefully that some of these songs on this EP or the previous one stick and catch on at radio because Lauren’s the star that country music needs.