ICYMI: Tyler Rich Lives Out His Real Love in Debut Album “Two Thousand Miles”

By Aaron Wagner

If you’ve been following Tyler Rich for awhile, you’re familiar with who is his inspiration is when it comes to making music: his wife Sabina Gadecki.

The two have a large presence on Instagram and other social media apps and do a great job staying connected to their fans. It’s similar to how Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren interact with their followers, and Rhett’s career has taken off, partially because fans connect with the couple and it translates to his music. I think the same thing can happen with Tyler Rich.

The fast rising country artist has already had some success in the industry with a Top 20 hit “The Difference” and the streaming giant “Leave Her Wild”, both of which are featured on his debut album Two Thousand Miles.

Named after the distance between Nashville and LA where both Tyler and Sabina have homes and travel between to support Tyler’s music career in Nashville and Sabina’s acting career in LA. Everything about the album circles back to their relationship and marriage and comes across as real and as authentic as one gets with a music project.

There are fun anthems on here that makes one want to get up and dance. From the campfire sing-along-like song “Feels Like Home”, the embrace someone to their fullest “Leave Her Wild,” and the love declaration “The Difference”, the songs are so Tyler and Sabina that they stand out and makes one want to listen to them.

“Take It Or Leave It” and “11:11” are two songs that he’s released prior to streaming and both have him in deep thoughts wondering if he’s in love or if he made a mistake.

If you’re looking for contenders for his next single he should release, there are 3 that jump out to me as strong candidates.

“Rather Be Us” is a lovely mid-tempo song that just might be Tyler’s strongest asset. This song in particular has him singing about the simple things, even the mundane things, that has him thankful for being who he is when he’s with Sabina.

Then there’s “Still Love You” which I’m pretty confident isn’t about his wife, but it has such a fun sound to it and the hook “How can I still want you” gets stuck in your head instantly. The other mid-tempo that would be an instant hit with his fans is “Real Love.”

There’s a ton to love about this debut album from Tyler and it’s worth your time to block out 30 minutes to listen to it in its entirety.