Artist You Need to Know: Carter Faith

By Aaron Wagner

If you’re looking for the next generation of artists to tap into that “it” factor and soul that an Eric Church or Kacey Musgraves infuse in their music, that artist just might be Carter Faith. She’s this week’s artist you need to know.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Carter’s love for music led to her packing her bags for Nashville to chase down this dream, enrolling at Belmont University, and playing all around Music City.

Most recently she released her first single, “Leaving Tennessee”, to streaming platforms. It’s been out for just over a month and already has racked up over 50,000 plays on Spotify alone. With a voice that would fit in 90s country or today’s country and a songwriting prowess, Carter is putting herself in great position to capture the hearts of country music fans.

We were fortunate enough to chat with Carter about how she got to Nashville, which artists have influenced her, and her latest single “Leaving Tennessee.”

Raised On It: What was life like growing up in North Carolina?

Carter: Growing up in North Carolina was so much fun. I’m from the center of the state so I was always close to a lake, the mountains, a city, or the beach. 

Raised On It: When did you realize your love for music was more than just some hobby?

Carter: Probably not until applying to colleges the summer before my senior year of high school! I was starting to really learn about Nashville and the music business and realizing that I did not picture myself doing anything else. It was such a whim decision to go to Belmont University and move to Nashville but the best decision I have ever made.

Raised On It: What artists have influenced you both from a songwriting and artist standpoint?

Carter: Dolly Parton, Kacey Musgraves, Fleetwood Mac, and Eric Church are my top influences! Each of them have this amazing ability to write songs that the audience just feels so deeply lyrically and melodically. I listen to all four of them every single day and don’t remember a day in the last few years when I didn’t! All of their music is music that I can analyze and study from a creative standpoint but also just enjoy as a fan!

Raised On It: What did you learn about yourself as an artist from your time at Belmont? How did that experience prepare you for chasing your music dreams?

Carter: I am still at Belmont and it is for sure a special place, especially being in the songwriting major and community. I feel like all of the professors really care about you and are always there to offer real advice about the music world.

Raised On It: What was the inspiration behind your debut single “Leaving Tennessee” and what was that songwriting process like?

Carter: The inspiration for “Leaving Tennessee” came from an overarching feeling. I had just moved to Nashville from my hometown, and honestly felt more at home in the music community here than I had at home (not to say I don’t adore my hometown and family). I also fell in love and to be honest, it was the first time I think I really could see why people write songs about love. I have always been a restless person, and for the first time I felt peace with where I was.

Raised On It: What has the response been like the first month that the single has been out?

Carter: The response has been so amazing! I really went in with zero expectations being a new artist and all, but I have felt so much love and support that I am just dying to release more music or get to go perform “Leaving Tennessee” sometime hopefully not too far down the road. It is just so special and means so much that people want to listen to my song and follow me on this journey.

Raised On It: Lastly, when people listen to “Leaving Tennessee”, what do you hope they take away from it?

Carter: I want people to listen to “Leaving Tennessee” and feel like it is okay to feel restless, unsettled, or that you may be in the wrong place because one day everyone finds their place and everything along the way had a part in getting you there.


Song you wish you wrote: “The Grass is Blue” by Dolly Parton
Dream collaboration: Eric Church
Favorite album of all time: Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
Your favorite songwriter you admire: I’ll always love John Prine
Favorite place to play in Nashville: The Listening Room