Hannah May Releases Yet Another Addictive Single With “Lay Me Down”

By Aaron Wagner

I don’t know if there’s a president in the Hannah May fan club, but if there’s not, I’m officially announcing my candidacy.

The rising Australia-based country artist follows up the catchy “Pretty Girl” with her newest single “Lay Me Down.”

Full of honesty, young love, and authenticity, Hannah May has done it again, by creating a song that is so easy to enjoy. It’s an instant repeat. An instant playlist add.

She effortlessly blends the boundaries between youthful innocence and a daring, yet confident curiosity in her lyrics as she sings about laying her guard down and being open to something brand new with not a care in the world. Being as vulnerable as she gets in this song isn’t easy, but she goes for it and deserves praise for doing so.

We chatted with Hannah May about what went into the making of “Lay Me Down” and what she hopes fans feel when they hear it.

Raised On It: What was the writing process like for “Lay Me Down?” 

Hannah: I started writing this song well over a year ago, just as I arrived in Australia. I felt very inspired at the time as I was living in an apartment in Brisbane city, it was exciting and new. I think I remember wanting to just let loose, experiment and write something that was different to what I’d usually write. Which is how this somewhat suggestive idea came about! Closer to the time of recording the track, I did a fair bit of tweaking on the lyrics which took a little while but I got there! 

Raised On It: If you could use 3 words to describe this song, what would they be? 

Hannah: Sultry, playful and exciting.

Raised On It: Was there a certain vibe you were going with for this new song? 

Hannah: I think I was trying to create a fun and playful atmosphere with the song, I knew I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and away from the typical country song ideas. It’s pretty fun and exciting to sing about passion and love but from a more playful and suggestive perspective. I want people to really have fun with this song, drink to it, dance to, make love to it, etc. It’s an all purpose song!

Raised On It: Do you have a favorite lyrical phrase from the song?

Hannah: I think when the first line came out of my mouth “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, like butter melting on a summer night” it really set the tone for the rest of the song. It paints a picture of lust, love and passion. That’s my favorite line. 

Raised On It: When your fans hear this, what do you hope they either feel or say? 

Hannah: I hope it makes them sing, dance, feel passion and it would be awesome if it relates to people’s current situations. Thats always a bonus!