Lauren Hall Keeps Running Back In Her New Release “Just Like I Knew”

By Aaron Wagner

“Sometimes the heart just wants what it wants no matter the reality of the situation” is how Lauren Hall describes her latest release “Just Like I Knew.” And she is spot on.

We’ve all been there before, where we dig in whether it’s due to optimism, familiarity, or still having feelings, even though deep down we know it’s time to move on. Bottling up those feelings and emotions is exactly what Lauren does in “Just Like I Knew.”

This new song from Lauren, has such a great sound to it as it’s built on the traditional sounds of the 90s, with the modern country twist that makes it appealing to all country fans in a similar way that Carly Pearce and Lauren Alaina are making music.

The thing I love the most is how honest and vulnerable Lauren gets. She’s willing to acknowledge her mistakes, while doing so with a self-deprecating sense of humor in a subtle way that adds to the cleverness of the idea for “Just Like I Knew.”

She’s had this song for over two years but as she tells us, she ended up diving deep and making adjustments to it with her co-writer Phillip Lammonds. We chat with Lauren about what that experience was like and what she hopes fans takeaway from the new tune.

Raised On It: Did you write the song?

Lauren: I co-wrote this song with one of my producers, Phillip Lammonds, who is a songwriter with Curb Records in Nashville. He’s also written songs for Lee Brice, Kip Moore, Kellie Pickler and others. This is my first co-write release with Phillip, so I’m really excited for everyone to hear it! 

Raised On It: What was the inspiration behind the song?

Lauren: The inspiration behind this song came from an ongoing relationship that just kind of seemed to do more bad than good emotionally for me. I had a hard time letting go of this person and justified it because in my head it wasn’t all bad all the time. At the end of the day though I knew it wasn’t good for me, but out of care for this person I kept allowing him back into my life and in a way was almost inviting the heartache in. Sometimes the heart just wants what it wants no matter what the reality of the situation is, and that’s where my heart was at when I wrote this song. 

Raised On It: What was the songwriting process like with Phillip?

Lauren: Well this song technically was written in January of 2018, and then got re-written & updated a bit a year later when I went to Nashville to do pre-production for this new EP. So I guess you could say it was a year until the song was done. It was an interesting process though because it was the first song I co-wrote with my now producer, Phillip Lammonds.

We didn’t just sit in a room and write a song from scratch though because I’d already written what I thought was a finished song, so basically the writing process was more like having someone come back through, take it apart and put it back together again. I’ll never forget sitting across from Phillip looking over this song because I had written it more from the angle of the blame being on the guy for coming back into my life and always stirring it up, and Phillip stopped and said something to me like, “Lauren you knew what you were doing. You let him back in because you wanted him back.” So, after realizing Phillip was completely right, we ran with that idea, switched a few words & melodies, and got what the song is now. 

Raised On It: Do you have a favorite lyrical phrase in the song?

Lauren: I do! It’s a line Phillip came up with that says, “My tendency is I believe that what I want is gonna do me good until it don’t”. 

Raised On It: Why did you feel it was important to release this song next?

Lauren: Well I’ve always loved this song because it was the first song I ever co-wrote when I went to Nashville and it was also the first song out of the 7 on the upcoming EP that we tracked in the studio. I heard my “sound” really come alive with this song, so it makes this one a special release for me. I’ve wanted people to hear this one for a long time.

Another reason I chose to release it as the next single was because my co-writer, Phillip Lammonds, was just recently a featured co-writer on Kip Moore’s single, “Red White Blue Jean American Dream”. So I thought it would be good timing to release a single co-written with him, especially when it comes to playlist consideration on Spotify. 

Raised On It: Lastly, how do you hope fans connect with the song?

Lauren: As songwriters we always want people to relate it to their stories and lives. So, I would say my hope is that it resonates with their experiences and can be a soundtrack to any similar situations they may be going through, or have gone through.