Adam Sanders Releases The ‘Redneck Sobriety Test’ Jam: “Drink Drank Drunk”

Photo Credit: Ford Fairchild

By Aaron Wagner

With a crazy year, country artist Adam Sanders wanted to make sure his next release would be something fun that people could just enjoy and have a good time with. And that’s exactly what he has on his hands with his latest single “Drink Drank Drunk.”

Written with Jacob Rice, Jordan Rager, and Tyler Chambers, Sanders and that crew spent the particular write that day working through a few other ideas and song titles, but nothing was sticking. That’s when Sanders, as many songwriters do, went to his phone and mentioned a phrase he had in his mind previously.

“I had had this thing in my phone that I’d written down: drink, drank, drunk. And I had this little cadence to it that I was kind of singing and I kind of brought it up as a joke in a sentence. And I was like, ‘Hey, what if we just completely switch gears and write something that is just fun and light?'” says Sanders. “So we were kind of off to the races and we wrote it forty five minutes once we started writing it.”

“Drink Drank Drunk” comes on the heels of his other 2020 releases, with the the rowdy redneck utopia anthem “Ruled The World” and the heartfelt “Make Em Wanna Change” that are each closing in on 1 million Spotify streams. Sanders was originally going to release a different song, but given what kind of year it’s been, he felt it was important to release “Drink Drank Drunk.” But it is his dedicated fans that played a large part in it as well.

“I was like, man, what if we just switch gears and we give something fun to someone, where they can kind of push all this other stuff aside and just not think about the realities of the world right now. I think it fits perfectly with the kind of music that I want to release, as it has a train beat, which is a real 90s kind of feel to it.”

“What I’ve been really doing is trusting my fans. I’m writing all the time and if I get one that I kind of like, I’ll post about it on my social media and kind of tease it and I’ll let my fans dictate what they want me to release. We tested it with few other songs and this was the one that everybody’s like, hey, we need this tomorrow. So just want to give them music that they want to listen to.”

When asked about which drink of choice and buddy of his could lead to “Drink Drank Drunk” coming to life for him, he’s quick to mention: Coors, Titos, and Cole Swindell.

“I’m typically just a beer guy. Coors Light is my jam, but we have a line in there that says “Because this shot I shot just put the slur in my talk” and Titos definitely does that to this guy for sure. Fun just seems to happen when I’m around Cole Swindell. We’ve been buddies for years and any time we get together and we start drinking, something fun is going to happen. We’re probably going to write a song at three-thirty in the morning and we may not sleep for two or three days.”

Most importantly for Sanders when it comes to his newest release, he hopes it takes peoples minds off of 2020 and can become a fun challenge that he’s calling the ‘Redneck Sobreity Test.’

“With all the heaviness of this year, I feel like everybody is so on edge, like, hey, let’s forget about all that stuff for a little bit. No one said we couldn’t drink during quarantine. So here’s a way to kind of ease the pain of 2020.”

“And I honestly, I’ve kind of coined the song as the ‘Redneck Sobriety Test’ of songs because it’s a big tongue twister. My thought process is I want to create this as a challenge for everyone to try to sing this and get it right. And if you fail miserably, perfect. My thought is, if you can sing it, you’re not drunk enough. Keep drinking till you can’t sing it anymore.”

“I just want this to be the drinking song of 2020.”