“All Over Again” Is the Standout Track on Ryan Griffin’s New EP “Name On It”

By Aaron Wagner

Last week, country songwriter and singer Ryan Griffin released his latest project, Name On It.

The six song EP features Ryan at the top of his game. He has this ability to infuse an R&B sound with country in a unique way that makes his songs really stand out. It’s not the Sam Hunt type of pop/R&B country music, but rather think of it as if Mario or Ne-Yo made a country album.

The six songs on Name On It leave no doubt as to who Ryan Griffin as an artist. There’s one song that absolutely jumped out to me and based on streaming numbers is doing the same for others. But I’m a fan of the entire project as it’s such a well done and tight project. There’s no fuff to fill an album.

“Right Here, Right Now” is the snap-your-fingers-fun opening track which has him singing about getting lost in the moment and be willing to fall in love at a moments notice. Griffin then takes us back to our childhoods and evokes nostalgic feelings in “Name On It”, which was co-written with Nicolle Galyon (“Tequila”, “Automatic”, “We Were Us”).

I’m a fan of artists when they spill their love story in songs and that’s precisely what he does in “Going Going Gone” as he sings about that first moment at that party where his life would change for the better. “Down” is a groovy backyard party anthem that just boasts about having a good old time.

With strong R&B production elements, “One Prayer Left” is a sentimental song that has Griffin thanking the good Lord for all the blessings he has in life with lines like “If I only had one prayer left, I’d thank God for you.”

But the standout track has to be “All Over Again.” You know when you hear a song and it just sticks out in your mind as being special? That’s this song. On Spotify, within this specific EP it’s the most popular song. Could that be due to Griffin already releasing others prior to the EP officially dropping? Sure. But it’s still resonating.

Written with Emily Weisband (Lauren Alaina’s current single “Getting Good” and Camila Cabello’s “Consequences”) and Mark Trussell (album cuts from Blake Shelton, Maren Morris, and Billy Currington), “All Over Again” tells the story of how observant kids are of their parens. For Griffin, it was him watching his father and nothing both the good things and bad things. It’s a song about acknowledging how it’s harder than it looked like as a kid, but it’s still worth it at the end of the day. I’m a huge fan of Ryan’s voice on this song in particular.

Check out the six-song project from Griffin yourself.