Tezza Turns Up The Heat in New Single “Mercury Rising”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country-pop artist Tezza is out with one fo the catchiest songs I’ve heard in recent weeks.

“Mercury Rising” is the type of song that will get stuck in your head after one listen. And that’s a good thing. From a production standpoint, it’s energetic and full of some really cool pop elements to it.

Speaking of energy, I love how much of it Tezza brings to this song. You really come away believing that Tezza herself believes in the song and the message. But what really shines is Tezza’s voice. Even with all of the energy and cool production sounds, it’s her vocal runs that hold the song together that makes it a real joy to listen to. Over and over again. Seriously, once you hear it once, it’s going to be on repeat.

We caught up with Tezza to learn more about where the idea for “Mercury Rising” came from.

Raised On It: What was the inspiration behind creating “Mercury Rising?” Talk about the songwriting process.

Tezza: It really all started with the title. I had gotten up and started getting ready that morning like I always do. Turned on the news and was watching the weather forecast. That week was set to be a hot one. The news anchor kept saying things like “a real scorcher”, “make sure to turn on those AC’s”, and then flashed one of those classic red bulb thermometers, you know the kind you used to use in high school science class, across the screen.

I turned it off and went in to brush my teeth. As I reached to grab the tooth paste the words “Mercury Rising” popped into my head. “So hot you could feel the Mercury Rising” and I heard this melody and pulsing beat underneath. So when I got to my write that morning, I told my co-writer Emily about this melody/idea “Mercury Rising” and we decided to write it. It really just fell right out!

Raised On It: Were there any challenges or “aha” moments during either the writing or recording process?

Tezza: I kept hearing this beat and pulsing line in the chorus so I decided to go home and make a demo for the song. That’s when it really came to life for me!

Raised On It: What 3 words would you use to describe the new song? 

Tezza: Catchy, edgy, “Me”

Raised On It: Which lyrical phrase in the song is your favorite? 

Tezza: “Hitch a ride on a rocket, with your hand in my pocket”

Raised On It: If you could have fans and country fans say one thing about this song, what would you hope they’d say after listening to it? 

Tezza: “It’s been stuck in my head all day!!”

Raised On It: Anything else country fans should know? 

Tezza: The official music video for “Mercury Rising” is coming soon! It will be released in just a few weeks so make sure to follow me on social media to find out the exact release date! Instagram: @the.tezza

And you can find my music on all streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Youtube, Pandora… under “Tezza.”