Abigail Neilson Releases Emotional New Song “Left Unsaid”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country artist Abigail Neilson just released her new song “Left Unsaid” this past weekend.

The song has her singing about the painful emotions of being left alone after a breakup, without a legit explanation. One of Abigail’s greatest strengths as an artist is singing with complete vulnerability and honesty that gives the listener a front row seat to the story she’s telling. The passion and emotion that she shows in “Left Unsaid” is further proof of that and she delivers an impressive vocal performance.

To accompany the release of the single, she also released a music video for “Left Unsaid.” We chatted with Abigail about the new single and the music video that goes with it. Check out our interview with her:

Raised On It: What mindset were you in when you set out to write this song? 

Abigail: “Left Unsaid” is a song that came from a place of feeling alone. When I write songs, my main goal is to tell a story, and this song was so easy to write because I was living the story that I was writing. I wanted this song to capture a moment of time in my life where I felt alone and deserted by someone I loved. 

Raised On It: Was it a song that came to you quickly or were you always coming back to it?

Abigail: I wrote the whole song in about 30 minutes. I knew exactly what I wanted to say but wasn’t able to say it to the person who I wanted to hear it most, so I wrote this song as a way of processing my own feelings. 

Raised On It: The phrase “Left Unsaid” is sneaky powerful, how did you land on that phrase for the title? 

Abigail: When I’m thinking of what to title a song, I like to have it be something that overall captures the entire song itself, rather than just stating the hook. I decided on “Left Unsaid” because everything I’m saying in the song was left unsaid to the person it was written about. The song is about being deserted by someone you’ve loved, without being given a reason why. So, “Left Unsaid” seemed the most fitting for this song. 

Raised On It: Do you have a favorite lyric that you’re especially proud of? 

Abigail: “It all ends, and I pretend, that we both just couldn’t bend, for the greater good of each other’s hearts.” I love this lyric because it describes a specific thing that some people go through after a breakup. When you have to break the news to your friends and family about why you’re not together anymore, and you still aren’t too sure why things ended, it’s much easier to tell everyone it was a mutual thing because no one will ask any questions about it. 

Raised On It: What was your goal when you set out to make a music video for the song? 

Abigail: The first thing I knew I wanted to do was smash a guitar. I thought the visual of that went along with the theme of the song. I also wanted to capture my personal feelings in a way that my fans could easily see and recognize. Music is everything to me, so I must be really angry to have smashed a guitar. This music video was also a social distanced and mask wearing shoot with only a 5-person attendance (including myself).

Raised On It: What do you hope fans and listeners feel when they listen to the song and watch the music video? 

Abigail: I want “Left Unsaid” to be a song that my fans can turn to when they feel they’ve been left deserted by someone they love. I want them to know that in the moments of feeling isolated, they’re never alone.

Raised On It: Anything else people should know about the new song?

Abigail: “Left Unsaid” is the leading single off my upcoming EP, “Summer of ’17,” and was self-written. This song means so much to me and I’m so excited for my fans to hear all of this new music I’ve been holding on to, as well as let them get to know me more.