Inspired by her Fiance, Sophie Sanders Releases “Nobody Special” Today

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country artist Sophie Sanders is back with a new song this week.

Nobody Special” is her latest release and as Sophie shares, it was written with her fiancé in mind. While you might not think the phrase nobody special and fiancé don’t go together, Sophie puts a clever and creative twist on it with the songs messaging.

I love the mid to up-tempo nature of the song. It evokes feelings of excitement to begin life with someone, while echoing a quiet confidence about the decision. I think Sophie nailed just what the song should sound like from the production standpoint especially.

We chatted with Sophie about “Nobody Special” and what she wants fans to takeaway from it.

Raised On It: Did you intentionally set out to write a song for your fiancé or did you write it and then realize it fit for him? 

Sophie: I’ve always found that forcing some song assignment never turns out as well as if an idea comes about naturally, so I definitely didn’t sit down and think “I want to write a song for Grant.” We had been in a phase of learning about our Enneagram (personality test) numbers and the idea actually came from there.

I’m a 4, also called “the individualist.” My type deals with a lot of self-doubt and feelings of not fitting in but is also inclined to think I’m special deep down. My fiancé is a 9, “the peacemaker.” His type thinks, among other things, I’m nobody special. That phrase kept resurfacing in my head and I knew I wanted to make a song of it.

Raised On It: What does he think about having a song out that is specifically about him? 

Sophie: He says he’s flattered and that it’s nice to get to be on the cover. The photo is a picture I took of him introducing me to Lake Michigan in his hometown last year. I think he appreciates that it hits so close to home, literally. He also tends to get the song stuck in his head, so I take that as a good sign!

Raised On It: Any plans for a music video for the song? 

Sophie: I don’t have music video plans currently. Honestly, I’ve been having trouble planning what comes next at all music-wise lately with how strange and uncertain the world feels. This is the last song release I’d had planned since before the pandemic slowed things down, so I think I’ll be back to writing mode and figuring out next steps while we all work on getting the world sorted out too.

Raised On It: It’s a special song for you, but how do you want fans and country listeners to connect to a song that means so much to you? 

Sophie: Even though the song has a very specific meaning for me, I hope anyone who’s ever struggled with feeling unseen or unworthy can relate. Honestly, I relate to needing to hear these words sometimes just as much as I think my fiancé relates to them.

We’ve all been in places where we feel like we don’t matter. But even in the darkest places, and even when it’s hardest to believe it, we do all matter to someone, be it a mother or a friend, a partner or a child, even a higher power. So I hope that meaning is where listeners can connect.