6 Favorite Songs from Tucker Beathard’s New Album “KING”

By Aaron Wagner

Tucker Beathard is an example of an artist that deserves way more props for the music he makes. And I think that credit is coming very soon.

Five years ago he made a huge splash introduction with his Top 10 hit “Rock On.” Since then he’s had to deal with the sometimes ugly side of country music that includes the financial and political aspects of a label and the country machine. But now with Warner Music, he’s looking to pick up right where he left by making the music he wants to make and singing the songs that mean something to him. He’s only 25 so I have no doubt he’s going to put his fingerprints all over country music the next decade.

He recently released a new, 13-song album that he named KING. If you remember, his younger brother Clay was tragically killed outside of a Nashville bar shortly before Christmas 2019. His middle name was King, so Tucker felt it was a great way to honor him by naming the album after him.

There are so many great songs on the album and Tucker’s distinguishable voice makes it even more enjoyable, so narrowing it down to my 6 favorite was hard but let’s give it a try…

He kicks things off with an absolute jam in “Better Than Me.” Full of the rock and roll guitar sounds that fans love about Tucker juxtaposed with the message of taking the heartbreak of a breakup harder than her is a cool concept. The song’s been out for over a year but you have to check out the video.

Looking at the song title “20/10 TN” I had absolutely no idea what the song would be about. It’s one of the most clever pieces of songwriting on a song that I’ve heard this year. He puts himself in the scene of watching a Tennessee Vols game while trying to save a relationship, with lines like But just like you we pulled away, Almost out of reach, But it ain’t over yet to compare the game and the relationship.

“Find Me There” will impact your soul and faith if you listen closely to the lyrics and message. Singing about having faith, but still being a sinner and regretting sins that one has committed, Tucker sings with this helpless tone that just wants him to be set free of his sins. He knows he’s better than how he’s been acting as he sings Lord if you decide tonight’s the night you’re coming back, I hope you don’t find me here.

One song that really jumped out as a potential single for radio is “Faithful.” It’s a great mid-tempo song where the chorus really shines as he sings about wanting to believe in a relationship no matter what all of the outside noise and opinions say. It’s not the official version of the song, but he had Lindsay Ell join him for a special rendition of this song.

“Can’t Stay Here” is another song that I think would fit great on radio. Tucker’s voice steals the show and grabs listeners in the chorus. He sings about finding that strength to not rekindle things with an ex and basically telling her you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. I think country fans would rally around this song in a huge way.

Tucker wraps up the album with “I Ain’t Without You”, the song that he and his father wrote about his brother Clay. They poured these deep, powerful, and intimate emotions into the lyrics and gracious enough to share their message with country fans. I can only imagine how hard it was to write and how hard it will be to get through on stage. Here’s a glimpse of the lyrics: Let ’em call me strong, but we both know
I ain’t, I ain’t, I ain’t without you.

Listen to the full album: