5 Must Listen Songs from Kree Harrison’s New Album “Chosen Family Tree”

By Aaron Wagner

Former American Idol runner-up and rising country artist Kree Harrison released her sophomore album Chosen Family Tree last week.

Full of great storytelling that is filled with purpose and passionate emotion, the project further shows how great of a vocalist and artist Kree is. All that’s left is that one song that becomes a career changer and I think there are songs on this album with the potential to do so.

It might be my favorite song on the album, but “Stone Cold” just has this great sound to it. It’s full of so much great soul, from Kree’s to voice to the use of horns, it’s that beautiful sound where country music and blues come together. All while using a drinking metaphor to describe getting dumped. You gotta love it!

“Make It Easy” is full of so much real and raw emotion that immediately grabbed my attention from the song title. Going through breakups is suppose to be sad and hurtful, but ironically enough when those feelings aren’t experienced in a weird way, it almost hurts more even if it’s not so hurtful upfront. Kree delivers a great vocal performance on this song.

When I saw the songwriters on “That’s How Hearts Get Broken” I knew it was going to be good. Written by Liz Rose, Chris Stapleton, and Morgane Stapleton, the song has a dark yet kind of groovy sound to it as she sings about people getting hurt when others are selfish. I picture Kree singing this in a dark and hazy, hole-in-the-wall bar.

“Get Away With Anything” is another one of my favorites as it’s about being so enamored with someone that they could literally do anything, and not only will you let it slide, but you’ll actually be impressed. I think this is something that happens way more to each of us than we realize. Loved the soul she sang with this.

She wraps up the album with the title track “Chosen Family Tree” and I’m a huge fan of the song’s concept. It’s the ultimate friendship song and about how important someone’s friends are. It’s more than just friendship, rather they become family, the chosen family.

Check out the full album: