A Q&A Six-Pack With Brian Rhea on Latest Release “As You Were”

By Aaron Wagner

Last month, Brian Rhea released a new song called “As You Were.”

And the thing that makes country music different and so special, is that often times there’s a meaningful message or story being told in the song. That’s exactly what “As You Were” is.

As Brian talks about below, the song was inspired by the challenges that our veterans face once they return to life as a civilian. They still have battles, just not ones that are in combat zones. Brian is donating all of the proceeds to Operation Homefront, an organization that helps veterans adapt and adjust to life as a normal civilian in their communities.

  1. This song seems like it comes from the heart, what’s the story behind the song?

    My brother got the idea after watching a documentary that highlighted the immense difficulties veterans face coming back from service, specifically combat vets. One of the last things a soldier hears after being discharged from their service is, “As you were”. Thus the song, “cause after that, there ain’t no going back back, to As You Were.” 

  2. How long have you wanted to write and record this type of song? 

    I mean, I think my whole career. I have been writing songs well over 20 years and my goal has always been to make as much positive impact as I can. A song like this almost seems prophetic. I’m just grateful it was floating on our frequency when we were writing.

  3. Was there a certain feeling that you wanted to get across with the new song? 

    Hope through awareness. The goal of this song was to hit the feels hard, to make folks aware of the serious issue of PTSD and depression among our veteran community. 

  4. What are 3 words you would use to describe this song? 

    Purposeful, powerful and provocative in the positive sense. 

  5. The proceeds from this song are going to Operation Homefront. What does the organization do and why did you want to partner with them?

    They are a huge advocate and champion of military families helping them re-assimilate and thrive in the communities they served and protected. We felt Operation Homefront was the right fit for the message and mission of this song. Coming from a military family myself I understood the difficulties getting back into civilian life and felt this was a win-win for everyone involved. 

  6. Anything else we should know about the song?

    While I did co-write the song and I’m the artist performing it, I’ve got to give credit to my brother John Rhea. The concept, hook and message of this song was his idea and brain child. He is a big advocate for our military, in particular vets, and this was his way of giving back to that community.