RaeLynn Releases First Project on New Record Label With “Baytown”

By Aaron Wagner

I think we’re about to see the best of RaeLynn the next few years.

Towards the end of last year, she switched record labels joining Florida Georgia Line’s Round Here Records. Fast forward less than a year later and she’s out with a new six-song EP in Baytown.

There’s a ton to like on the project. She shows sass, confidence, and vulnerability and that is her calling card on this project. At to it that RaeLynn is a songwriter on each of the songs and you have the complete package.

“Bra Off” was released in late 2019 and was a hit on streaming and social media amongst her female fans as it acted as a humorous song, while also being empowering.

“Keep Up” is another empowering anthem that has her questioning whether the country boy can keep up with her. It’s a sassy and confident vibe that is quickly becoming her forte.

RaeLynn colors outside the lines in “Still Smokin'” and “Judgin’ To Jesus” which has FGL’s influence all over it. There’s some R&B/hip hop sounds in these songs as she sings about how a summer fling turned into something even more in “Still Smokin” and how she’s got a little angel and a little devil on each shoulder in “Judgin’ To Jesus.”

She then gets real real and deep on “Fake Girl Town” as she sings about how living in a town with some cunning people gets exhausting. I applaud her authenticity in calling shit what it is.

The standout song on the project is a song that needs to get sent to radio ASAP. It’s a hit and I’m not blowing smoke in saying that I think it has #1 potential.

“Me About Me” is about one person in a relationship who is pulling all the weight, while the other person isn’t as concerned or interested about their day and interests. There’s raw emotion as she sings this.

These six songs are phenomenal and I couldn’t think of a better collection of songs to get her started on her new record label. She’s just getting started.