Kane Brown Cements Himself as a Star With New EP “Mixtape Vol. 1”

By Aaron Wagner

Kane Brown is on absolute fire.

The 26-year-old has had six #1 songs in the last three years and continues to be high in demand for cross-over projects with pop, rap, and R&B artists. Some will criticize him for doing so and not being a pure country artist, but that’s just a lousy and lame excuse for not appreciating the music Kane is making.

His latest EP Mixtape Vol. 1, released last Friday has a nice mixture of crossover collaborations, country-pop sounding songs, and other songs that lean even heavier into country.

The Collabs

Kane gets help from crooner John Legend on “Last Time I Say Sorry.” They wrote the song together and it’s pretty cool to see Kane get respected by someone as big as John Legend. The other collab is “Be Like That” with Swae Lee and Khalid. It’s such a fun, beach and tropical song that is the perfect theme song for you paradise vacation.

The Country-Pop Songs

“Cool Again” is his current hit on radio as it sits at #6 and looks like it’s going to reach #1 in a few weeks. It’s the standout gem on the EP for sure. Kane then gets really deep and emotional on “Worship You” in which he is declaring his absolute and steadfast love. I’m curious if this song ever finds its way to country radio.

More Country Sounding Songs

“Didn’t Know What Love Was” could have easily been placed in the previous category but it has this fun Lindsay Ell/Rascal Flatts vibe and I think there’s some real soul and groovy country sounds. Kane’s most important message comes in the last song on the EP with “Worldwide Beautiful.” He sings about how we need to come together because we have way more in common than people realize.

The most country sounding song is “BFE” and it’s an absolute jam as one would imagine with that title. This is the perfect song to add to your festival campsite playlist for next year or your Saturday tailgating playlist for this fall.