Back With a New Album “Nice Guy”, Eric Paslay Reminds Us All of the Amazing Songwriter and Lyricist He Is

By Emily Wagner

It’s been 6 years since we’ve had a new album from Texas native, Eric Paslay. So after parting ways with his record company, Eric independently released his 12 track album Nice Guy.

The album has a little bit of everything, from beach ready songs to love and loss, a duet with Sarah Buxton, and even a cover of a Mike Posner song (the only song on the album Paslay cannot take writing credit for).

Below are highlights of some of my favorite songs from the album, but this list was hard enough, the whole album is full of quality original songs. How have we let Eric just go AWOL from us for the past 6 years? Never again.

“Nice Guy.” The title track has Paslay contemplating the benefits of actually being a nice guy, when it seems like they always come in last. It’s catchy and broody and a little too honest.

“Off The Edge of Summer.” This is the song that caught my ear and made me want to listen to the rest of the album. It gives off major Kenny Chesney “Anything But Mine” vibes as it deals with summer love and loss.

“Fingertips.” A perfectly sentimental and not too sappy song to his daughter, Paslay enlisted the help of his wife for the background vocals.

“Boat in a Bottle.” As the guy who wrote Jake Owen’s “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” it should come as no surprise that Paslay can give us that Caribbean feel in his own songs.

“Wild and Younger.” This song doesn’t try to do too much. It sounds like it could have been a remake of a 1970s soft rock song. I don’t know why I love it but I do.

“On This Side of Heaven.” Get out the tissues. While Paslay hasn’t lost his wife, he wrote this song from a place of imagining a life without her in it. 

Eric Paslay created a work of musical art with his album, and also enlisted a lot of writing star power as well: Charles Kelley, Caitlyn Smith, Jordan Reynolds, Kristian Bush and Craig Wiseman all claim writing credit within the album. 

This album may not be the one that all the radio stations were talking about or that was highly anticipated all over social media, but Nice Guy has earned a right to be considered as a top tier country album for 2020.