Cory Marks Brings The Soul and Edge in Debut Album “Who I Am”

By Aaron Wagner

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, country rocker Cory Marks is grabbing headlines and catching listeners’ ears with his unique rock and soulful sound of country music.

He recently released his debut album Who I Am. The project features everything from the rock anthems that get your adrenaline going to the more soulful ballads that show off his ability to tap into deep feelings and emotions.

You may have already heard one of the songs on this great album as he was joined by some musical legends. Travis Tritt, Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch), and Mick Mars (Motley Crue) on the rocking anthem “Outlaws & Outsiders.”

We talked with Cory about how he got all of those legends to sing with him as well as all of the details behind the making of his album Who I Am.

Raised On It: What was your goal going into making this album?

Cory: Creating something different and giving country music a whole new lane.  

Raised On It: The album title “Who I Am” suggests that these songs give fans an insight into who you are. Is that true?

Cory: This album tells stories, my stories over the past 5 years. The good bad and the ugly.  

Raised On It: What was the process like narrowing down the songs that would appear on this album?

: We didn’t really have to narrow down the songs after we wrote these ones. There wasn’t much of a process really. 

Raised On It: “Outlaws & Outsiders” has been a smash hit for you. What has that been like seeing it really take off?

Cory: It’s been incredible to see the response worldwide it would be great to be able to play it live to a live audience but I only got to do that twice since covid. So I can’t wait to get out on the road again and play it for crowds again.  

Raised On It: How did you get all of those star artists to sing on “Outlaws & Outsiders?”

Cory: I’m the flagship country artist on my label Better Noise and that’s a true honor to be part of such talent and great team. To think that Motley Crue and Five Finger Death Punch are my label mates, thats pretty cool. I wanted artists that could relate to the song and I was lucky that these dudes loved the song as much as I did and wanted to be part of it too. Thank you Travis Tritt, Mick Mars & Ivan Moody.

Raised On It: Aside from “Outlaws & Outsiders” is there a song or two on the album that you hold near and dear to you as a song(s) that is really special?

Cory: I mean each song tells their story and I love them for different reasons, but if I had to pick, one would be Whiskey & Wine. I’m a huge Merle Haggard fan and I like to think that he would appreciate and enjoy this song. It is the most country song on the album.

Raised On It: If you had to sum up the album in 3-5 words what would you say?

Cory: Tough, strong & tender.  

Raised On It: As an artist, what does it feel like to have your debut album out in the world for people to listen to and enjoy?

Cory: Mixed emotions, exciting, scary but also thrilled. It feels great to put something out like this that I’ve worked on for 4-5 years that will hopefully give country music a new line and change things up a bit.  

Raised On It: Lastly, when fans listen to the project, what do you hope their takeaway is?

Cory: I hope they love it. Rock, country or metal fans. It’s a little bit of everything. A mix of genres I grew up on and loved! It’s got a bit of everything for different days. Sad, chill, feel good, driving songs or straight up ready to party!