Matt Ferranti Struggles to Move On in New Single “Pick Up”

By Aaron Wagner

“I call, I call but you don’t pick up. I’m losing my shit right now” is how Matt Ferranti’s latest release “Pick Up” begins.

That lyrical phrase that kicks off the song is just the beginning in this blunt and relatable song about going through a breakup. Ferranti delivers an emotional performance that has him hoping he’s playing spoiler on his ex’s next date as she moves on from him.

Earlier this year, he dropped his self-titled EP and had plans to open for Brett Young on his tour in addition to being in Young’s band. Those plans were unfortunately changed, but this great new song is proof that Ferranti isn’t going to let this crazy year slow him down from writing and making new music as he looks to continue his momentum as a solo artist.

In what has been a busy weekend for new music, “Pick Up” is a must add to your playlist. We chatted with Ferranti about the release of his new song and what he hopes his fans get out of it.

Raised On It: Did you write this song by yourself or with the help of any co-writers? 

Matt: My friends/co-writers Ty Graham, Rufio Hooks, and Scotty Cram had already started working on the song. It was unfinished and they asked Joey Diehl and myself to come in and help them finish it. Once we finished it I knew I had to cut it. 

Raised On It: Where did the idea for “Pick Up” come from?

Matt: I think the idea of feeling helpless going through a break up is universally relatable.  

I remember one time hearing one of my ex’s was out the town with another dude like a week after we broke up. I remember calling, hoping that either one of em would see my name calling her phone and that it would distract her from her date. 

Raised On It: What was the most difficult part of either the write or getting in the studio and having the song produced?

Matt: Honestly, this song came together very easily. Like I said before, they had a good bit of imagery to the song before I came in. Being that it’s such a relatable topic, we had the song finished and recorded all in the same day. Shout out to Joey Diehl for killer production and for being SUPER quick! 

Raised On It: 2020 has halted many plans for artists including you, so what does it mean to be putting out new music? 

Matt: Well, we were just into the start of the “Chapters Tour” opening up for Brett Young to promote my self titled EP I just released in January. My team and I knew we wanted to finish the record, but when everything got put on hold we saw it as an opportunity to write new music. Getting this amount of time to focus on writing is something I’ve never been able to do. Normally we’re playing 150-200 shows a year so writing was just one of the many boxes to check off. It’s been so incredible and rewarding to have this time to focus and refine my writing to give my fans better and better songs. 

Raised On It: When your fans hear this song, what do you hope they say? 

Matt: I hope they say that they love it because they’ve either been there before or are going through it now. There’s nothing better than having a song resonate with you that you can relate to. 

Raised On It: Anything else fans should know about “Pick Up” or your plans for the rest of 2020?

Matt: The music video will be out on August 20th AND soon after we will be announcing the release date of my next single coming in October!