Adam Rutledge Debuts New Single “Unwind”

By Aaron Wagner

What do you do when your wife comes home after a tough day at work? Spoil her and treat her like the queen she is. And then go write a song about it.

That’s exactly what rising country artist Adam Rutledge did with his newest single out today “Unwind.” In a year that’s been a rollercoaster of emotions, “Unwind” is the perfect reminder to check in on our friends and family who may be having a difficult time. Rutledge’s soaring voice on the chorus with a slick guitar lick supporting him makes this a joy to listen to.

We caught up with Adam to talk about what went into the making of this new release and what else he has up his sleeves in the coming weeks.

Raised On It: Where did the idea for “Unwind” come from? 

Adam: “Unwind” came about after my wife came home from a particularly rough day at work. I could tell as soon as she walked into the door it had been a challenging day, it was written all over her face. Part of what she does at her job is HR, and this was right when COVID was really blowing up and everyone was scared and kinda freaking out. Because I’m such an AWESOME husband, I made that night all about her and tried to help her relax a little…help her unwind.

Raised On It: What was it like working with Jeff and Julie? Did the song come together pretty quickly or was it a slow burn to get it just right? 

Adam: Working with Jeff and Julie is so much fun! I’m an introvert and I have pretty intense social anxiety, but working with those two is super easy and feels natural. As far as writing “Unwind” goes, it came together very quickly. We didn’t have to labor over this one at all. It was all written over a few text messages in one day.

Raised On It: What’s your favorite lyrical phrase in the song? A line or two that just stand out. 

Adam: I LOVE the second verse….“I’ll be your hideaway, baby get lost in me, a secret safe place, we’ll watch the world erase.” It’s a perfect description of the role I played the night the idea for the song was born. 

Raised On It: What is the main message or vibe you wanted to get across with this new song?

Adam: Now more than ever people need to take a little time for themselves to decompress. With all the uncertainty and stress in the world, people just need to unwind a bit.

Raised On It: What is your hope that fans feel and experience when listening to “Unwind?”

Adam: I hope that it energizes and excites them for the full length album that’ll be released on September 18. This song is just a little taste of what I think is a very diverse album. We cover a lot of ground with the songs on this new record, and I picked “Unwind” to set the tone because it was a little different sounding. I’m hoping it catches the ear of the listener because it’s not the same ol’ same ol’.