Cassadee Pope’s Voice Shines On Her New Album “Rise and Shine”

Aaron Wagner

Some days I think there needs to be a national holiday to appreciate just how great of a singer Cassadee Pope is.

She reminds us just how damn good her voice is on her latest album Rise and Shine. The 8-track project features Pope singing all over her range and really highlighting how much control she has over it.

It’s similar to how Aaron Rodgers methodically navigates his offense down the field in two minutes or how Steph Curry changes his speed and cuts, while calming running through screens to get himself an open shot at the end of the game. If you’re not a sports fan, ignore those analogies.

The album features soft and minimal production which really allows Cassadee Pope’s voice to shine on each and every song.

She shows that right off the bat with “Let Me Go” which has her pleading to be set free from a relationship that doesn’t have a future. She puts so much emotion into it that you really feel the pain she’s singing with.

The uptempo songs like “Hoodie” and “Sand Paper” are still light enough with a guitar for support in the background. These songs are perfect for a chill bonfire night where instead of getting drunk, you’re just enjoying the company of people with some music on in the background.

One of my favorite songs on the project is “Hangover.” For those of you who were fans of her emo/punk/pop band Hey Monday, you’ll recognize this song as one that the band sang. Cassadee Pope strips it down and makes it her own special song.

A collaboration with her boyfriend Sam Palladilo on “California Dreaming” showcases her ability to harmonize with another voice in a way that really works. Cassadee continues to pour her heart out in soft melodies with songs like “Built This House”, “Counting on the Weather”, and the title track “Rise and Shine.”

As a huge fan of Cassadee’s I’m excited with what she did on this project. She really pulled back the production, had the songs focus on her voice, while still having soft instruments to support her. Again, this isn’t an album you’re going to crank to 10, but if you’re staying in on a rainy day or having a quiet beach day or bonfire night, Rise and Shine is the perfect collection of songs.