Behind the Scenes of Morgan Johnston’s Music Video for “If He Never Broke My Heart”

By Aaron Wagner

Last week, talented country riser Morgan Johnston released her latest single “If He Never Broke My Heart.”

In the song, Morgan puts so much emotion in to it, that you have to absolutely applaud her willingness to be vulnerable with her music. That’s what music is about.

Today, Morgan is releasing her video that accompanies her recent release. The video isn’t anything flashy. In fact she describes it as “simple” and I think by doing so, she further taps into the vulnerable emotions of the song.

Morgan was gracious enough to take some time to talk about what went into the making of the music video for “If He Never Broke My Heart.”

Raised On It: What’s the story behind “If He Never Broke My Heart?”

Morgan: I call this my silver lining song. I admit I’ve spent a lot of time thinking I know what’s best for me. Heartbreak has a way of making you feel like you’ll never love again, but I’ve learned that sometimes there is a reason love, an opportunity, or a dream doesn’t work. Life takes a little time to make sense, but if you wait, you’ll learn. As much as you think that’s what you wanted, life will show you why it didn’t work out. It will show you that what you thought you were so sure was meant for you, actually wasn’t, because there’s something even better around the corner.

This song is about all of those “wrong turns” that lead you to where you’re meant to be. 

Raised On It: Where was the music video shot? 

Morgan: We shot this music video at SkyHouse apartments in Nashville. A really good friend of mine lives in the complex and let us use her place! 

Raised On It: What did you want to accomplish with the music video?

Morgan: I decided to record this song and the following EP as a stripped down, acoustic project to capture the vulnerability and storytelling behind the songs. The goal with this video was to keep it simple and capture as much emotion as possible.

Raised On It: What was that process like coming up with the direction for the video? I’m assuming Lexy Kady (music video director) had some input as well? 

Morgan: Yes! Lexy had all sorts of visions for this song. She even sent me a Pinterest mood board with all of the colors and outfits she had in mind which I loved, so I used that to help pick out what I would wear for the video.

Raised On It: What was the actual shoot day like? Were there any challenges that popped up? 

Morgan: The shoot day went pretty smooth. It took us about 3 hours from start to finish and we were kind of racing with time because I decided to do it at sunset. The pressure was on to move quickly while we still had some daylight left for the shots but Lexy absolutely rocked it! I also had 4 or 5 girlfriends there drinking wine in the background and helping us que music and move around set furniture! It was a lot of fun.

Raised On It: Why did you feel it was important to release a music video to go along with this song?

Morgan: As a creative person, I see my art in a lot of different forms. It starts with the songwriting but I also feel like it’s important to express some of the imagery in my head that goes along with the music. To me it paints a more in depth story and adds to the emotion.  

Raised On It: When your fans hear the song and particularly when they watch the video, what do you hope their big takeaway is? 

Morgan: I hope that the feel hopeful and empowered when they listen and watch the video. I really want to push people to see past some of the road blocks in life and to have faith that there’s so many good things ahead.