Listen to Lindsay Adamson’s New Single: “Country Music Feels Like Home”

By Aaron Wagner

There’s just something so comforting and familiar about country music. It’s the soundtrack to falling in love, beach getaways, playing under the lights, working on the farm, dealing with heartbreak, and everything else in-between that we all deal with in life. Sometimes it’s not even a physical place, but rather a memory or a feeling.

Canadian-born singer Lindsay Adamson took all of those feelings, bottled it up, and created a song around it with “Country Music Feels Like Home.”

We caught up with the rising country artist to talk about her new single, what led to its creation, and which country artists she’d want to be “home” with during quarantine.

Raised On It: What was the song process like? What were you feeling at this time to inspire a song that would be titled “Country Music Feels Like Home?”

Lindsay: Funny enough, when the idea for the song came to me, I was in the bathtub.  I’ve learned to keep notebooks all around the house, because you never know when inspiration will strike!

The inspiration behind this song, is the past 10 years and all of the traveling I’ve done around the world searching for a place that really felt like home.  And even though I would completely fall in love with so many of the places I would visit, like Goldilocks…nothing really felt just right. 
It wasn’t until I really followed my heart and listened to my intuition that I realized that home isn’t always a place. 

Sometimes it means coming home to yourself and what you were born to do.  For me, finally deciding to pursue music on my own terms, and own who I am as an artist was what lead me to Nashville, and connected me with the exact right team to co-write and record my first country album.  
I co-wrote this song with Sergio Sanchez, who also produced the track. 

Raised On It: The theme of the song is an idea that many people have, why did you feel it was important to write a song about it?

Lindsay: I always want my music to connect with peoples’ feelings and emotions, and make them really feel understood.  To give the sense that someone else out there in the world understands exactly how they’re feeling.  

In our world today, there’s so many people out there trying to shape and influence who we are.  We can get so lost sometimes.  And it was important for me to help my listeners connect with the idea that home is more than a place.  It’s a space within you, that you have to find for yourself.  And you can connect with it in any number of ways, when you decide to really travel the path that your heart is leading you down.  

Raised On It: Was the write a quick process or did you keep fine-tuning it?

Lindsay: Sergio and I are a pretty awesome writing team.  In fact, we wrote 5 amazing songs together, most of which I’m planning to release this year…and it never takes more than a couple of hours.  When we began this 5 song project together, I came to him with a bunch of different ideas I felt pretty passionately about, and did my best to explain my inspiration behind them.  And from there, we bounced ideas off each other, and these really soulful songs came out of it. 

Raised On It: When people hear this what do you want them to feel? 

Lindsay: I want them to feel like it’s okay to be who they really are, and to travel a path that’s not the obvious popular choice.  To listen to their heart, and really take a leap of faith and go after the things that feel like home to them.  In spite of what anyone else thinks about it.  

And for all the country music fans out there, who feel as much at home with it as I do, I want to prompt them to remember how good it feels for a song or a style of music to instantly remind you of amazing memories from your life, or connect you with a part of who you are.  

Raised On It: Lastly, a fun one, if you had to be quarantined at “home” with 4 country artists, who would you want to be quarantined with?

Lindsay: Oh my gosh, what a fun question!! I think it would be so freakin’ cool to be quarantined with four other badass country ladies, drinking wine and sharing tales of falling in love & heartbreak.  With an amazing new set of songs being born out of it.  So that being said, it would be so much fun to quarantine with Kelsea Ballerini, Maren Morris, Carly Pearce & Lauren Alaina.