Artist You Need to Know: Madysyn

By Aaron Wagner

The last year in country music has been a great year for the next generation of female artists with Gabby Barrett and Ingrid Andress finding chart success. Who is the next rising female artist? It just might be Madysyn.

Born and raised in California before making the move to Nashville, music has been part of Madysyn’s life since she was 5 singing in church with her dad.

Her voice is so smooth and polished it’s hard to imagine she’s only 18.

The thing that is most impressive about Madysyn is that she has such a pulse on the current country-pop sound that music fans are resonating with. It’s not an over-the-top pop sound, rather in a similar vein the way Maren Morris and Kelsea have blended great storytelling with some catchy pop production backgrounds.

While some artists rely on catchy pop productions to make a song, Madysyn’s songs have a softer, yet fun, production that truly allows her great voice to shine.

We caught up with this rising star to chat about her musical roots and her latest music including the sassy hit “Girlfriend.”

Raised On It: Because we are “Raised On It” we love learning who are the artists that you grew up listening to? 

Madysyn: I was raised on a lot of country, so Johnny Cash, Garth Brookes, & Dolly Parton. But with a mix of AC/DC, The Beatles, & The Beach Boys! 

Raised On It: How have any of those artists influenced the writer and artist you are today? 

Madysyn: Growing up, I resonated with country music the most & was fascinated by the storytelling aspect of the genre’s songwriting. That definitely influenced me the most as well as the live instruments in all of the previously listed artists’ music. I’m a sucker for a bomb guitar solo.

Raised On It: Was music always part of your life or how did you fall in love with making music? 

Madysyn: My parents grew up singing in church, so I was always surrounded by music and singers. I wrote my first song when I was 9 years old and continued ever since. 

Raised On It: You’ve been in Nashville a few years now. What things have you learned about yourself since moving here? 

Madysyn: I love being in Nashville where music is a constant. From being here I’ve found my sound and worked the hardest I ever have on my passion as an artist. I feel so lucky to live here! 

Raised On It: How have you improved as a songwriter and artist since moving to town?

Madysyn: Nashville has impacted my writing ability like crazy. I’ve been in so many co-writes with amazing writers who have pushed me and helped me grow. I have learned a lot and taught myself a lot as well. I feel more connected with my talent.

Raised On It: “Girlfriend” is such a good tune to listen to. What’s the story behind writing and creating that song? 

Madysyn: “Girlfriend” was written by Ross Copperman, Cali Rodi, and Logan Turner. The song tells the classic story of the “What are we?” talk most relationships have to have. It shows confidence, self-respect in who you are, and is a little bossy in the best way possible. 

Raised On It: What was it like to work with star writer and producer Ross Copperman?

Madysyn: Absolutely incredible! To have a song with Copperman on it is such an honor. He’s an amazing writer.

Raised On It: What do you enjoy most about creating music for a living? 

Madysyn: Music has and always will be the one constant in my life. It has never let me down and always inspires me. This is my one biggest passion that brings me joy, so the fact that I get to do this as my job is so fulfilling.

Raised On It: What does the rest of this year look like for you? And as you look forward 2-3 years, where do you hope you are as an artist? 

Madysyn: The rest of this year will be filled with writing! I’m working on creating an EP and getting it out ASAP. These next few years to come I am in hopes of a possible tour! So stay tuned 🙂 

Fast Money Questions:

Dream collaboration: John Mayer

Song you wish you wrote: “Dreams” – Fleetwood Mac

Favorite concert: Bazzi (COSMIC album)

Favorite album: Continuum – John Mayer