A Q&A Six-Pack With Conner Sweet On His Current Single “Times Like These”

By Aaron Wagner

Up and coming country artist Conner Sweet is currently enjoying his debut single having success on the radio charts.

Conner’s debut single “Times Like These” recently reached the Top 40 at Country Radio on the Music Row BreakOut Chart. In a year that’s been anything but typical, it’s the perfect song to inspire people to keep moving forward while leaning on faith, friends, and family to get through these tough times.

Pop open a cold one and enjoy our Q&A Six-Pack with Conner Sweet about his debut single “Times Like These.”

1. Who did you write the song with? 
Lance Carpenter and Liz Hengber
2. Did the song get written pretty quickly? 
Ironically yes. This song kinda just wrote itself. Only took a couple of hours! 

3. What’s your favorite lyrical phrase from the song? 
“What matters most is you and me. In times like these!”
4. What was the inspiration behind the song? 
We wrote “Times Like These” just a few days after a devastating tornado tore through Nashville in early March. The love seen throughout the community in the days following really inspired the song.

5. What does it feel like to have a Top 40 song on the radio breakout chart? 
In some ways it still doesn’t seem real. I just feel blessed that my song is being heard and I’m so honored that people are relating to it! 

6. What “times” do you envision when you hear this song? 
It’s crazy that every week it seems there’s a new challenge in the world, but, in some ways, that’s nothing new. It might be a little more intense these days, but there’s always going to be a time when someone needs help or a friend, and those are the “times” I think of when I hear this song.