Rising Artist Ian McConnell Drops Energetic New Song In “We Wouldn’t Know”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country artist Ian McConnell continues to pump out song after song that is just so good that’s hard to imagine him not becoming a household name in the coming years.

McConnell’s latest “We Wouldn’t Know” is an energetic song about tuning out the outside world and focussing on just that one special person in front of you that you love. With a “the world doesn’t matter” vibe, McConnell’s lyrics bring to life those feelings you have in a relationship when you truly have connected and are on the same level.

In addition to crafting the lyrics of the song, McConnell mixed and produced the song himself, once again proving that he’s a star in the making. McConnell talked with us about that and everything else around his latest release “We Wouldn’t Know.”

Raised On It: You wrote this with Nick DeLeo, what was the songwriting process like? 

Ian: Nick and I had always written for his artist project up until this point, but decided to blend our styles for this one. Our songwriting process usually involves joking around and chatting for about five hours and then SURPRISE the song is done, and this one wasn’t much different. 

Raised On It: You produced, mixed, and mastered the song yourself. Do you take pride in being able to do that on your own? 

Ian: Being able to do all that out of my home has been huge during the pandemic. I release a song every month, and I don’t think I would have been able to continue that trend without doing it all from the house when there wasn’t anywhere to go. I love producing, mixing, and mastering myself because I get to try new things whenever, and I end up with a catalog of songs that show my progression in production and mix in addition to writing. 

Raised On It: Why did you decide to release “We Wouldn’t Know” as your next single? 

Ian: My previous single, “Her Heart”, is a devastatingly sad piano ballad. “We Wouldn’t Know” is an upbeat, energetic, summery song that complements the ballad well. I love what this song says and relished the opportunity to add my pop-punk influences to the country lyric and feel of the song itself. 

Raised On It: What does this song mean to you?

Ian: “We Wouldn’t Know” was written about an experience I had with a girlfriend a couple of years ago, and it always makes me think of her fondly. Additionally, it’s a super fun track and feels great to turn up really loud in the car. 

Raised On It: What do you hope this song means for your fans who listen to it?

Ian: I hope they can relate to the content, both because that would make me feel good as the writer and artist and because it’s a great feeling to be involved with someone so heavily that the rest of the world takes a backseat for a few days. There’s a lot going on right now, and I hope “We Wouldn’t Know” offers a bit of an escape from all that.