Country Newcomer Austin Merrill Chats About His New Music Video For “One More Mile”

By Aaron Wagner

Country newcomer Austin Merrill’s newest song is inspirational and empowering, but it took on a new meaning shortly after he wrote it which he shares in our interview.

“One More Mile” has him singing about plugging away and keep moving forward: one step at a time, one mile at a time. And that’s a message we can all use in times like these.

For the music video, Austin gave fans a behind the scenes view into the studio session for creating the song. We talked with Austin about writing the single and what we wanted to accomplish with his music video.

Raised On It: What was the inspiration behind writing “One More Mile?”

Austin: I originally wrote ‘One More Mile’ because I needed a good ‘story song’ to pitch to a specific country artist, but I ended up liking it so much that I decided to record it myself. The lyrics are inspired by my own life experiences as well as those of a couple people very dear to me, so that’s probably why I ultimately couldn’t part with it.

Raised On It: I understand it took on a new meaning after losing a family friend. What does it mean to you when one of your songs impacts others on a deeper level than maybe you had anticipated?

Austin: Moments like those remind me why I write songs. When I wrote “One More Mile,” I had no idea I would be performing it a week later at a friend’s memorial service. I believe it helped bring closure to a lot of grieving people, including myself, and that’s what songwriters have done since time immemorial: helped people process emotions. I am humbled and grateful to serve that purpose.

Raised On It: When did you know you wanted to put out a video for the song?

Austin: Pretty much right after I stepped in the studio! The lyrics in this song are sometimes heavy, but at its heart this is a feel-good tune, and it was such a great experience watching all the people involved in making this record enjoy the process so much. When the vibes are good, the music is good. And the vibes were awesome that day.

Raised On It: What were you looking to accomplish with the music video idea?

Austin: The music video offers people a glimpse into what a studio tracking day looks like here in Nashville. Tracking day is my favorite part of the entire musical process, and I love letting people see what happened in the boiler room while they listen to the final product. Hopefully a little bit of the magic we all felt shines through.

Raised On It: Lastly, whether it’s the song or the video, what do you hope your fans take away from it?

Austin: Country music is all about telling stories, and I hope that when people listen to “One More Mile” they feel it’s a worthy addition to the Country music canon. The song offers good summertime vibes while dealing with issues in life that we can all relate to. My hope is that One More Mile offers people a little hope of their own, a little peace, and a little smile.