Rising Country Voice Caitlin Quisenberry Releases New Single “Imogene”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country artist Caitlin Quisenberry is out with her latest single today in “Imogene.”

Caitlin follows up on the successful ballad “Let Love Die” (60,000 Spotify streams) with the fun and uptempo “Imogene.” Singing about the story of a girl who is so beautiful that she even makes the name Imogene cool.

We’ve all been in Imogene’s shoes as we’ve been jealous and wanting to switch places with someone else. Caitlin brings those feelings to life in this fun new tune as she describes:

“It brings back all those feel-good memories of an old high school crush and that butterfly feeling you get early on in a relationship. But most of all, I love the creative liberty this song has allowed me to take, as there is nothing more valuable than fostering and utilizing our imaginations.” 

Given the fun nature of the daydream-like song, Caitlin decided it needed to be paired with an animated music video to really capture the essence of the story. The video is being made right now by a very talented Hollywood cartoonist, Tom Schneiders.

Enjoy Caitlin’s new release “Imogene” and stay tuned for the music video which will be released at the beginning of August.