New Artist Halle Kearns Makes Her Debut With The Catchy “Pick Me Up”

By Aaron Wagner

Rising country songwriter Halle Kearns is making her debut as an artist with the release of her first single “Pick Me Up.”

“Pick Me Up” is a fun and youthful song about falling in love and just going where it takes you. Halle shows off her songwriting chops with the clever double meaning of the song title phrase “I just need a little pick me up, so come pick me up.” I think it’s the perfect song for Halle to make her artist debut with as it’s one of those catchy songs that just gets stuck in your head and before you know it you’re listening to it for the 10th straight time.

Halle was gracious enough to take some time to chat with us about the release of her debut single “Pick Me Up.”

Raised On It: Did you write “Pick Me Up?”  If so, any co-writers? 

Halle: Yes, I did! I wrote it with my good friend, Spencer Crandall. 

Raised On It: What was the songwriting process like? 

Halle: We wrote this song fairly quickly. I had the “Pick me up” hook idea and he’s killer with melodies, so after we nailed the concept down the rest flowed pretty quickly! We had a blast writing it, and I think you can hear that when listening! 

Raised On It: When it came to envisioning your debut song, is this the type of song you had in mind?

Halle: I knew I wanted my first release to be an up-tempo song, and something very representative of who I am as an artist. So once we began to produce this song I had a good feeling it would be the first release!

Raised On It: When fans and country listeners hear your song what do you want them to feel?

Halle: I want “Pick Me Up” to be a little 3 minute escape for each listener. It’s such a feel-good summer song, and I want people to feel like all of their worries are washing away for a moment. 

Raised On It: Can you describe the feeling what it means as a writer and artist to have your first song out there in the world? 

Halle: I cannot really relay how genuinely excited I am to have music out finally. I have been performing for 4.5 years full time, so it’s been a long time coming. I finally feel like I’m in a position to let the world hear what I have to say!

Raised On It: Can you give fans a hint as to a theme or vibe you think of with your upcoming EP due out this fall? 

Halle: Absolutely! The EP is a set of 5 songs that are all very representative of my stories. From heartbreak to new love, and everything in between! 

Raised On It: Anything else we should know about the song?

Halle: I just hope y’all love it as much as I do! I think we all could use a like “pick-me-up” right about now!