Throwback Jam: Alan Jackson’s “Drive”

By Aaron Wagner

Released in 2002, Alan Jackson’s “Drive” became one of his signature songs of the early 2000s.

It’s the type of song that everyone can relate to from when they were growing up learning to drive. But oftentimes when you look for the deeper meaning it was about who was teaching you how to drive and the memories that Jackson sings about.

Alan Jackson wrote the song himself as he wanted to write a song to honor his father who recently passed away. Jackson told The Boot about why we wrote the song, but didn’t neccessarily make it an obvious tribute to his father.

“I’ve always tried to be careful. If I write something that’s that personal, I try to write them so they aren’t so obvious,” Jackson explains to The Boot. “Even when I wrote the song when my daddy died years ago, that “Drive” song, if you listened to it, you wouldn’t necessarily think it was a song you wrote for your daddy that died. So I’m trying to camouflage. I’ve written heartache songs over the years, too, that have been inspired by my own life, but you’d have to really be close to know it.”

“Drive” would end up reaching the top spot on the charts where it stayed for four weeks. It also had some surprising crossover appeal as it peaked at #28 on The Billboard chart.