Emily’s Top 10 Songs From the 2nd Quarter

By Emily Wagner

Not going to lie, this top 10 was harder than I thought, mostly because when Kip Moore releases new music, I forget any other artist exists.

So while I easily could have made this a to 13 songs of the quarter and listed each song from “Wild World” I decided to be politically correct and reach back to the days before “Wild World” was released to see what I was filling my time with. Without further ado, my top 10 songs of the past 3 months.

10. Smoke – Faren Rachels

It’s been a minute since we got new Faren music and this song did not disappoint. That classic country sound, paired with Ashley McBryde harmonies, I mean it doesn’t get any better than that.

9. Going, Going Gone – Ryan Griffin

Maybe I’m just a fan of Bob Uecker home run calls, or perhaps I haven’t met a Ryan Griffin song I haven’t loved. This song grabbed me right away and I was a fan by the end of that ridiculously catchy refrain.

8. Salt and Lime – Clare Dunn

If you haven’t already checked out Clare Dunn’s EP Honestly a personal collection you should. “Salt and Lime” is what I consider my classy summer drinking song and it makes you crave one of those perfect blue sky summer days.

7. Hole in the Bottle – Kelsea Ballerini

Speaking of classy drinking songs, Kelsea hits it on the head with this song. Its all too familiar theme of wine that magically disappears is a universal problem that yes, many women go through. Plus theres’s this fun boot stomping, 90’s buzz to this song that is just FUN.

6. Almost Maybes – Jordan Davis

Call him pop or country pop I don’t care, I’ve been waiting for this song since Davis sang it at his show back in January. It’s catchy, a new twist on the broken road to love, and if you loved Davis’ first album Home State you’ll love this song.

5. Payin’ Hard – Kip Moore

Oomff this song hurts. It’s Kip at his most vulnerable, contemplating his life decisions, regrets most of all. I loved the verse about his dad, but the last verse of him debating his career and if he’s told all the stories he could tell makes me nervous that Kip can see the end of his music career. Nope don’t like that.

4. Happy Does – Kenny Chesney

When I got back to this album I realized how many gems are on it. “Happy Does” is that feel good song. It was a welcome distraction over the couple months of quarantine and it makes you feel like everything is going to be alright. If Kenny says it, it must be true. 

3. Fire and Flame – Kip Moore

As I’m typing this I’m still not sure this shouldn’t be my #2 song. “Fire and Flame” is that inner struggle that Kip is always so open and honest about, between good and bad, temptation and revelation. There’s nothing about this song, all 5 minutes of it, that I would ever change or tire of.

2. Young Once – Sam Hunt

Jam. This song is everything I love about Sam Hunt, fun beats, original lyrics, phrases so quick, you feel so accomplished when you finally memorize them. I love how easily Hunt can encapsulate that feeling of youth and freedom. I didn’t stop playing this song, and only this song for at least 3 weeks straight.

1.Southpaw – Kip Moore

If that 30 second guitar solo doesn’t amp you up, you’re a lost cause. This is Kip’s own anthem, he knows he’s considered a bit of an outsider in the country world and he and his fans embrace it. “Southpaw” is a fun, rock and roll groove, that kinda makes me with I was left handed. I don’t see myself tiring of this song, it might be one of my favorite song of the year at this point. 

The last 3 months gave us tons of new music from some of my favorite arts, Sam, Kenny and Kip. It’s amazing I listened to anything else. Here’s to hoping the next 3 months Emily goes out and diversifies her listening selections…but don’t count on it.